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Five best Warlock Exotic guns & gear you should get before Beyond Light

Get ready for Beyond Light later this year with these top five Warlock exotics.

Beyond Light is coming later in the year, November 10th to be exact, and with its release you want your Guardian to be as powerful as they can be when diving into the new content.

All of these below Exotics have a great chance to drop from the harder difficulties of the week’s Nightfall: The Ordeal so be sure to farm that if you are a high enough level. Even if you already have some of these Exotics, the Nightfall can be a great way to farm higher stat rolls for them.

Here is a short list, in no particular order, of the five most powerful Warlock Exotics that will help you greatly on the frozen moon of Europa.

Crown of Tempests

Crown of Tempests is an extremely well-rounded Exotic that can work for any of the three Stormcaller Attunements, although less so for Chaos Reach.

When a kill is obtained with an Arc ability, the buff ‘Conduction Tines’ is given which lasts six seconds.

While this buff is active, all Arc abilities, including Super, will gain energy at a faster rate. The Conduction Tines buff can be stacked up to three times for even further increased regen with each kill resetting the time to six seconds.

Crown of Tempests will also extend the use of Stormtrance, but not Chaos Reach, if kills are obtained with Arc abilities while the Super is active, including the super itself.

This can double the total use time of Stormtrance and so can effectively double the total damage output.

Nezerac’s Sin

Nezerac’s Sin is another extremely well-rounded Exotic for the Warlock class but instead this is aimed at the Voidwalker subclass.

Kills with Void damage while wearing this Exotic will grant the player with two seconds of the ‘Abyssal Extractors’ buff which from quick eye-balling calculations seems to regen ability energy at double the normal rate.

Each kill with Void damage will add a further two seconds to the Abyssal Extractors buff which will max out at 20 seconds, although a player can continually gain kills at 20 seconds to keep the timer there infinitely.

Since the Exotic only calls for ‘Void damage’ and not ‘Void ability damage’ this means that weapon damage also activates Abyssal Extractors.

Pair Nezerac’s Sin with a Void primary weapon like The Recluse and you will be able to have almost constant enhanced ability regeneration.

Ophidian Aspect

Ophidian Aspect flies under the radar for a lot of people as its effect is not very flashy but nonetheless is extremely powerful.

This Exotic gives increased reload speed for all equipped weapons, increased ready speed for all weapons, increased ADS speed for all weapons, and to top it off gives increased melee range.

So much is packed into Ophidian Aspect that it's extremely hard not to rate it as a top tier Exotic.

Increased reload speed is extremely useful in both PvE and PvP as simply put, less time reloading is more time killing. Can come in very clutch in 1v2 PvP gunfights.

Increased ready speed is great in PvP as it allows for the player to quickly change to a primary weapon when a snipe is missed or to quickly change over to a close range weapon when an enemy gets in their face.

The increased melee distance can result in obtaining kills that wouldn't normally be possible.

Ophidian Aspect gives an extra one metre of melee distance, which stacks with the one metre advantage that Warlocks have over the other subclasses, to give a whopping two metre melee advantage.

This allows Warlocks with Ophidian Aspect to easily follow up half finished kills with a long distance melee strike when other subclasses, and even other Warlocks without Ophidian, simply aren't able to.

Stack this with the Stormcaller melee ability to achieve some crazy long distance melee kills.  

Geomag Stabilizers

Geomag Stabilizers are designed to work with the Chaos Reach Super for the Stormcaller subclass.

This Exotic simply extends the duration of Chaos Reach when damage is dealt with Chaos Reach.

If damage is constantly being dealt from the start of the Super then this can give a huge bonus to the total cast time resulting in almost nine times the amount of damage being dealt when compared to Chaos Reach without Geomag Stabilizers.

Best to use Chaos Reach against a large Boss target to take full effect of this Exotic

Geomag Stabilisers has a secondary effect where once reaching approximately 85% Super energy, sprinting will give a massive increase to Super regeneration speed resulting in obtaining the last 15% in only a matter of seconds.

The only problem with Geomag Stabilizers is that Chaos Reach is balanced around it since the Exotic gives such a large boost to overall damage. This means that Chaos Reach is a fairly sub-par Super without Geomag and only really becomes useful when used with it.

If you are a fan of Chaos Reach, be sure to be using this Exotic almost 100% of the time, it's basically considered mandatory.

Transversive Steps

Transversive Steps is a primarily PvP Exotic and like Ophidian Aspect tends to go unnoticed due to it being fairly boring at a glance.

This Exotic gives a very significant buff to overall mobility allowing for clutch flanks and escapes during a Crucible match.

The currently equipped weapon is also auto-reloaded after a few seconds of sprinting which further adds to the increased mobility as you do not need to stop sprinting to reload.

One further reason why Transversive Steps is a top tier PvP exotic is simply because it can work with absolutely any Warlock subclass.

Unlike a lot of Exotics, the player is not railroaded into a particular playstyle or subclass choice as Transversive Steps focuses on giving a subtle, neutral-game benefit to the player.

Transversive Steps might not be the most exciting Exotic but there will be a lot of situations in the Crucible where you will live due to the auto-reloading or the increased sprint speed.


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