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Five Of The Best Weapons From Season Of The Splicer

Here Are Some Of The Standout Shooters From This Season

There is no disputing the Season of the Splicer has produced some of the best looking guns Destiny 2 has every seen. Every time I have had one drop I spend a good chunk of time looking over the details on it and awing over how well they take Shaders.

But weapons need to be more than beautiful to be worth taking up a slot in a Guardians loadout, luckily these five do both.

Ignition Code - Grenade Launcher

This is one of the best Grenade Launchers we have seen hit the game in a while. It is a Kinetic Lightweight Frame featuring remote detonations and with all of the Seasonal Mods for Grenade Launchers it is feeling like a no brainer for end game PVE activities such as Grandmasters.

I really like that it can roll One For All. This is an unusual perk for a Grenade Launcher but when you are dealing with the waves of enemies in strikes such as Fallen S.A.B.E.R. this season, procing that perk may be one of the best use cases it has in the game. Intertwine this with a Blinding Grenades perk and you will be able to control rooms of enemies with ease.

Shattered Cipher - Machine Gun

I have been using this machine gun a lot since it first dropped for me. It has been extremely beneficial for the "Get Kills With Season Weapons" type triumph as it just mows down enemies.

It is a 900 RPM gun, but I have not found many stability issues with it on PC like you do with other fast firing guns. My ideal roll for this weapon would be Auto Loading with Heating Up. Heating Up is like Killing Wind but instead increases Accuracy and Stability. Be on the lookout for this roll and others that may suit your playstyle.

Gridskipper - Pulse Rifle

This is one of the most standout weapons for me this season. Of all the rolls it can land with I have found my favorite in Snapshot Sights and Heating Up.

With Gridskipper being a Rapid-Fire Frame it already has a really fast reload so I opted to throw on Ricochet Rounds and it has been doing wonders for me. The bullet spray and recoil is not bad at all and once you are able to proc the Heating up perk you feel pretty much unstoppable.

There are a few good rolls to be looking for and as always I will recommend for people to find what fits their playstyle best. No matter what though, make sure to take one of these in your next Crucible match and watch how it changes the momentum of the enemies team.

Chroma Rush - Auto Rifle

I am not really an Auto Rifle kind of guy, but with this season's mods featuring Autos as probably the most viable Anti-Barrier option, I have been on the lookout for something to put in my kinetic slot. Chroma Rush is that option.

Another Rapid-Fire Frame weapon, Chroma Rush feels great to burst shields with. Most rolls feature an obnoxiously large magazine and with it being a Rapid Fire frame it reloads in no time. Even when I took this weapon into a Control match it was running down Guardians and ready for the next by the time I would turn a corner.

The impact for it being a 720 RPM is still really nice and I found it to not have a bad spread for when you are getting flinched as well. I am still going to be on the lookout for a better roll but so far my Moving Target and Tap the Trigger drop has been putting in work for me.

Shayura's Wrath - Submachine Gun

With this being a Trials Weapon it has not yet been available to get. I am hopeful this becomes the drop for the first weekend of Trials this season because this looks to be the best Submachine Gun we have seen added to the game.

Though the roll shown here from the Collections Page features Killing Wind and Celerity, this weapon can infact roll with Killing Wind and Kill Clip. These two perks alone will make it an unstoppable force to be reckoned with when you pair it with a Range Masterwork, Accurized Rounds, Full Bore and Adept Range. This combination alone will get you to 99 Range Stat and for an SMG that is utterly insane.

I love SMGs and can not wait to see this weapon making waves in the Player Base as it is sure to speed up battles and have the Crucible "Going Fast" once again.

What are your favorite weapons of the season? Let me know in the comments or @Suttledge on Twitter.

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