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Here’s a few quality of life changes we think Destiny 2 really needs

These smaller changes will certainly help in steering the game in the right direction.

It has been talked about to death about how Bungie can drastically improve Destiny 2 for the better whether that be through more aggressive content generation, rolling back certain aspects of sunsetting or injecting more worthwhile loot into the game.

While this is all true there are a plethora of smaller updates Bungie can make to the game in the meantime that will go a long way into making Destiny 2 a more worthwhile gaming experience.

Here is a short list of the more popular community suggestions.

Fast Travel Point on Europa

This first suggestion is starting small but is something that has been seen making its way around social media since Beyond Light released last November.

On Europa there are currently only two fast travel points, one in Charon’s Crossing and another in Beyond. After fully upgrading Stasis with the Aspects and Fragments from the Exo Stranger the fast travel point in Beyond sees very little use apart from grabbing the weekly Powerful reward. This leaves us with essentially a single fast travel point in Charon’s Crossing and while it's fairly quick to reach Asterion Abyss and Cadmus Ridge, travelling to Eventide Ruins is a bit of a slog.

A simple fix to this is adding a fast travel point to the northern section of the map in Eventide Ruins.

It can be understood why Bungie has chosen to omit a fast travel point from this location as it forces players to travel around the map to further increase playtime. Perhaps the player will stumble upon a Public Event on their travels and choose to take part? Perhaps a chest or Lost Sector will catch their eye? While it can be understood, the extension of playtime is still forced and giving this choice to the player would be a great addition.

Focused Iron Banner Loot

With Iron Banner returning soon for the first time in 2021 there is no better time to rehash this idea.

At the present time you hand in Iron Banner tokens to Lord Saladin and are rewarded with an Iron Banner engram. This engram can contain any piece of Iron Banner gear with absolutely no way of narrowing down the loot pool. This leads to a ridiculously small chance of acquiring the perfect perk roll on the weapon you are chasing. The loot pool for these engrams is simply too bloated and there have been horror stories posted to social media of unlucky Guardians spending thousands of Iron Banner tokens and not even getting a single copy of the weapon they were chasing.

A simple solution to this would be to add in a system similar to Umbral engrams. In this system there are multiple ways of focusing the Iron Banner engram in order to give the player greater agency over what loot they are rewarded with.

Even something as simple as giving the player a choice between a weapon or a piece of armor, something that was even present way back in the original Destiny, will certainly go a long way.

Map Waypoints

Everyone has had those experiences where you are trying to find a bunch of items for a quest and just can't manage it. You sit there constantly opening the map to make sure you're going the right way. You load up an article giving you the steps and it has pictures of the map with a dot on where the items are. Even with this guide you still have to keep flicking back and forth from the map to your game in order to find these items.

Now imagine being able to simply put a custom waypoint on the map and then the game HUD will direct you to that location. An extension to this could be a full fledged ping system similar to the likes of Apex Legends and Warzone.

Deep Stone Crypt Loot Chest Added to Older Raids

One of the greatest additions to the latest raid Deep Stone Crypt compared to older raids is the loot chest after the final boss. From here the Fireteam is able to spend their hard earned Spoils of Conquest, which is earned from completing raid encounters, to purchase additional drops. The player is able to spend a small amount of this currency to directly purchase a piece of gear that has been discovered as a regular drop or they can spend a greater amount to roll the dice for a chance at a new piece of gear that has yet to be discovered.

At the very least this system allows the player to more effectively chase certains perk rolls on the weapons they want without having to rely on RNG. If the player has discovered the Heritage Shotgun within the raid, they are able to buy as many copies of this weapon as they want at the end of the raid, bearing in mind of course that they have enough Spoils of Conquest. This incentivises the playerbase to complete the raid multiple times in order to farm weapon discovering and Spoils on Conquest to then cash for a chance at the perks they want.

This same system would be a fantastic addition to the other two raids in the game, Garden of Salvation and The Last Wish. Like the above Iron Banner change, this would simply give the player more agency over the loot they obtain and the ability to round out their collection. In a looter shooter this is never a bad idea.

Exotics Create Orbs by Default

Exotic Catalysts are items that can drop from killing enemies and completing certain activities. These Catalysts enhance the abilities of the Exotic while also Masterworking it, which allows the weapon to create Orbs of Power on multikills.

At the present time there are still many extremely popular Exotic weapons that have yet to receive a Catalyst such as Thorn, Monte Carlo, Bastion and many others. Not only would it be great to see Bungie’s take on how to boost the overall effectiveness of these weapons but a big addition would be for these weapons to be able to generate Orbs. These weapons without a Catalyst are simply lackluster options compared to their counterparts with a Catalyst as the ability to generate Orbs of Power is just that powerful.

As creating and implementing numerous Catalysts for these forgotten weapons would take a significant amount of man hours, a small change Bungie could make in the meantime would be for Exotic weapons to create Orbs of Power on multikills be default. As the creation of Orbs is a large part of the power of a Catalyst this change would significantly improve these Exotics still without a Catalyst in end game activities.

Exotic Balance Pass 2.0

In 2018 Bungie updated a large selection of Exotics in order to bring some of the underused options up to scratch. For the most part this was fairly successful but now two years later this pool of underperforming Exotics has again grown enough that a second balance pass is needed.

Exotic armor like the Aeon set has been laughably bad since the day it was released. Skyburners Oath may as well be a Legendary weapon now that Cabal are the least encountered enemy race. Sleeper Simulant was nerfed into oblivion and never really recovered. D.A.R.C.I’s damage is pitiful when compared to other Heavy weapons and is only comparable to Special Snipers.

There are simply too many weapons and pieces of armor that genuinely have zero use within the game. If Bungie wishes to drastically increase weapon and armor diversity within the game a second Exotic balance pass is sorely needed.


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1 week ago

Some good points being raised here on this article but knowing Bungo, it will be ignored.