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How Likely Is A Siva Season In Destiny 2?

How Likely Will We See This Fan Favorite Enemy Rise Again

*This Article contains spoilers / information obtained by datamining. Do not continue reading if you wish to experience the content the way Bungie intended it.

In a tweet from @JoshHunt on Twitter it was revealed that the next Season of Destiny 2 will be titled “Season of the Splicer. This comes at a time where the community has been rallying support for a “SIVA Season” and have even taken to creating their own puzzles and lore to supplement the desire.

Though signs may point to a return of Siva in Destiny, it is important to recognize that Splicers are not strictly tied to SIVA.

Splicers were originally a secret cult in Fallen Houses that specialized in body hacking and bio-engineering to enhance the Eliksni (Fallen) species.

The Devil Splicers may be the most notable of the group as they were responsible for the unleashing of SIVA on the Plaguelands in the Cosmodrome. The Devil Splicers continued to spread SIVA amongst their race until they were ultimately shut down when we defeated Taniks (Perfected) in Destiny 1 rendering the Devil Splicers without a leader.

But with Taniks already defeated again in the Deep Stone Crypt and Bungie already stating the Plaguelands will not be returning to the Cosmodrome, it does not seem likely that the Splicer in the title of the next season will be connected to SIVA much at all.

Instead, I am placing my bet on the Splicer being referenced here will be from the Wolf or Winter Splicer faction. These Splicers were used by Skolas to pull the House of Wolves forward in time using … the Vault of Glass, the same Vault of Glass that is returning next season.

Of course, this is all speculation but with the Vault of Glass returning in Season 14 it makes more sense for Bungie to tie it together with the Raid than it would to bring in SIVA out of left field, as much as I would like it.

If you are looking to take a peek at the code for yourself for where this leak was obtained from, you can do so here.

Would you like to see SIVA brought back in Destiny? Let me know in the comments or @Suttledge on Twitter.

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