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How To Complete Your First Wrathborn Hunt

Help Crow Help You Help Osiris

Today Bungie released the new quest line for Season of The Hunt. While this will be the first seasonal quest line that will be available after a season passes it does not mean you should wait to get started.

Here are the steps to complete your first Wrathborn Hunt. (If you prefer a video guide, check out my guide using Tracker Network's new guide feature here)

To begin the quest you will need to start with the Season of The Hunt marker on the Moon.

Once you begin you will learn that Sagira, Osiris' Ghost, has been killed and he is on a hunt for vengeance.

When you catch up to Osiris, he is smacked down by a Hive Knight and suddenly saved by Uldren Sov, who is now known as the Crow. Crow is now working for Spider who rescued him, gave him shelter, and is now pledged to help you aid Osiris in getting revenge.

To begin to bring Sagira's killers to justice, you will need to begin planting lures to draw out Fallen that have been corrupted by Xivu Arath’s influence.

Pick up your Lure at Crow and head into a matchmade activity. For a quick and effective first Lure I recommend jumping into Mayhem as the matches are over very quickly.

Once you have a sufficient charge in your Lure take it back to the Tangled Shore where you will stake it in the ground and summon your first boss.

After eliminating most of the health you will be tasked to pick up on its' trail as it flees. It is crucial that you interact with the marker where you fought the boss or you will not see the trial it leaves to track.

Once you track down the fleeing foe you will be transported to an area where you will then fight a servant of Xivu Arath. To damage the servant you will need to destroy servitors and stand in the aura they leave. This will allow you to remove the shield surrounding the boss and attack it directly.

Upon defeating the final boss you will be transported back to orbit where you can return now to Crow. Crow will award you with different mods to attach to your lure. Each mod can affect the rewards of the fight, similar to the chalice during Season of Opulence's Menagerie.

How do you like the new season event? Would you rather have a matchmade activity? Let me know in the comments or @Suttledge on Twitter.

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