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How To Easily Beat Any Legend Lost Sector In Destiny 2: Lightfall

Strand Is Here To Swing You Through Lost Sectors

Legend Lost Sectors are not the usual kind of guide I would make, however, I have received a few requests from Twitter with people asking me the best way to beat these Lost Sectors so they can quickly advance their Guardian Rank. If you are someone who feels all hope is lost till your Power Level climbs higher, have no fear because I am going to change your perception of these deceitfully tricky sectors with one word: Strand.

It's true, even in preparation for this guide I currently just ran the Perdition Lost Sector at 1789 Power Level and didn't even equip a single Barrier Champ mod or mess with my armor infusing. It took me roughly 9 minutes and I only died a couple times and that was simply because I was rushing. Here is what you are going to need for this guide:


- Strand needs to be unlocked on literally any class you want to run. You will need the following mods:

- Thread Of Generation

- Thread Of Continuity

-  Thread Of Isolation

-  Thread Of Ascent or Thread Of Propagation

- Change your Grapple Grenade to the Shackle Grenade

Osteo Striga

- Have Overload on it just in case

Necrotic Grips (If Warlock)

- This will just make life easier for the Warlocks in the class, equip your Exotic of choice if you are on Hunter or Titan.

Seriously, that's it. Equip a Energy and Heavy weapon that will suit well with the shield types and deal big burst damage but for majority of your runs you will be utilizing Osteo Striga into Strand Grenades.

Basically, every enemy besides the truly major bosses are susceptible to being suspended by strand. This includes all champions. When champions are suspended most can't utilize any of their annoying mechanics, this means no shields, no charging, nada. The only exception to this rule is Overload champions, these guys can usually get a recharge off in the middle of being suspended. For this reason exactly I recommend having Overload ready for SMG's just for Osteo Striga to proc.

Many lives were lost taking this photo

With the Thread of Generation you recieve grenade energy for every tick of damage you do, this includes Osteo Striga's poison tick damage. The energy you recieve does not seem to scale off of the amount of damage, just off the hit itself. So your plan should be to immediately suspend your enemies and then just dump Osteo Striga into them to keep your Shackle grenades up. As long as you maintain damage and use good positioning you should be able to clear most rooms quickly and efficiently like this. Your main concern is to keep the champions suspended though so they do not have a chance to proc shields or any other mechanic on you. As long as you are at least 1760 these lost sectors should be a breeze for you with this quick and dirty build.

As always, if you have any questions shoot me a message over on Twitter and make sure to stay up to date with DestinyTracker where you can keep track of all your stats with our dedicated stat tracker.

Have you completed a Legend Lost Sector? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @Suttledge


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