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How To Get The Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher In Destiny 2

The First Grenade Launcher To Challenge Anarchy

If you have been keeping up with Destiny 2 and Witch Queen, you have probably heard of the new overpowered Grenade Launcher, Parasite, that is melting Dungeon and Raid Bosses across the galaxy.

After beating the Witch Queen campaign, players will unlock the ability to obtain this incredible new exotic through a quick quest with Mara Sov, "Of Queen And Worms."

To start the quest head to the director and fly to the Enclave on Mars. You will travel down to the back of the Enclave where the floating disks are behind a worm, Savathun's worm to be exact. (By the way these discs are targets you can actually shoot and use for damage testing like the former Tribute Hall.)

From here follow the quest and complete the "Birthplace of the Vile" strike. this strike is a lot less intense than the other strike to launch with Witch Queen but it still makes for a short and fun experience.

After completing the strike, visit Fynch where he will direct you to locate a Cryptoglyph rune in the Temple of the Cunning.

Once obtained you will need to kill 100 Scorn in the Throne World, the quickest way to do this is to find Ether Public Events and kill the Scorn there as they come in large waves.

After this you will be tasked with finding the Sepulcher Lost Sector and then going till you find the deepsight bubble at the end. Use the deepsight bubble to reveal the larvae incubator and greet Savathun's worm.

Head back now to the overworld and find three quick patrols to tackle in Savathun's throne world so you can get back to the hunt. I recommend avoiding the "collect resource off of dead enemy" patrols as they take much longer than the scouting ones.

When your patrols are complete head to the Queen's Bailey to find the next Cryptoglyph Rune. This rune, like the last, will need to be taken to a lost sector and this time you are headed for the Metamorphosis one in Miasma. Make your way to the end and find the deepsight bubble and again you will have your larvae incubator.

Now comes the time to locate the last Cryptoglyph Rune you need which will be found in the Alluring Curtain.  Get to the final location and now you will use the deepsight ability to summon platforms with three torches, shoot the three torches and you will spawn the chest needed to proceed.

As you might have guessed the last rune will be going to the last lost sector in the Throne world so head to the Extraction in Quagmire. You will use the larvae incubator here and get the next bit of information from Savathun's worm.

Now with Mara Sov gone you will need to take the worm to Fynch who will direct you to make a "Parasitic Pilgrimage." My best advice for this is to just keep moving at all costs. You don't need to stand in any of the waypoints, just pass through them and keep moving.

Once you have successfully healed the worm the best it can be you will perform the craziest ritual you will ever see in Destiny and watch as Mara Sov does our favorite thing and turns a monster into a gun.

The Parasite grenade launcher feeds off of your previous kills and then delivers that energy in an explosive blast on impact. The stacks will stop at twenty so make sure you fire your worm off once you hit the max stacks.

Do you think Parasite is the new Anarchy? Let me know in the comments or @Suttledge on Twitter.

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