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How To Play Gambit In Beyond Light

An In Depth Guide On The New Gambit Mode

Gambit has not always been a fan favorite game mode and frequently finds itself in the spotlight when associated with a lengthy quest step. However, with all the changes in Beyond Light, Gambit too got a facelift.

Prior to this update a typical Gambit match took pla

ce over the course of three rounds or unless a team won the first two. Both teams were tasked with defeating enemies and collecting the "motes" they dropped upon death. Each time you took your motes to the bank in the middle of a map, you would send over a "blocker" to fight the enemy team.

The "gambit" aspect of the game was due to the fact you could hold up to 15 motes, however if you were killed while hording a large amount, you could end up costing your team progress as the motes would disappear upon your death.

After a team banked 75 motes in their bank they would summon a Primeval and defeating this boss would claim them the victor of this round. Then they would need to do all of this again to win another round.

If the two teams split the first two rounds they would previously need to do this all again for a third round, however this was later sped up in Season Of The Drifter to have the tie breaking round be a Primeval Boss Rush.

If this sounds like a lot, add on a complicated and time consuming Armor system, mini bosses to kill to attack the Primeval, and the ability to drain motes and you have Gambit Prime.

Gambit was one of my personal favorite additions to Destiny 2 with Forsaken. However, even I got tired of hearing the Drifters voice after countless rounds of what felt like the same match. With the Changes Bungie brought in Beyond Light, Gambit now has a full fresh appeal.

To start there are no more rounds, Gambit is now a one round match. This was my favorite change as I very rarely found my self going to three rounds in the previous Gambit mode. If you got blown out in the first match the only thing that made it more painful was watching it happen immediately again when you knew you had no chance.

In terms of Motes, Bungie kept most of the Gambit Prime features. You now need to bank 100 Motes to summon a Primeval. If your team has two or more Blockers on the enemy side, they will siphon motes from the enemies' bank to yours until they are defeated.

Blockers mostly stayed the same in Gambit with the only change being Centurions are now Medium Blockers while Goblins stayed as small and Hive Knights reign as Large.

It seems the enemy difficulty was increased as well with the new Gambit mode. In a typical match you will see more orange bar and yellow bar enemies than you would have previously. This helps to ensure a team can not quickly melt and collect waves of enemies and I found this to be a satisfying change.

My best tip for the new Gambit mode are to keep communication up with your team if possible. Banking together and siphoning motes can do more damage than any invader possibly can when done timely. And please, kill the envoys before you use your super.

How do you feel about the Gambit changes? Let me know in the comments or @Suttledge on Twitter.

I  am live most days on Twitch and you can find me on Twitter talking about Destiny and Coffee.

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