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How to unlock the Traveler's Chosen Exotic Sidearm in Destiny 2

The second half of the ‘Exodus: Evacuation’ Exotic quest line is now live.

The second half of the ‘Exodus: Evacuation’ Exotic questline, rewarding the ‘Traveler’s Chosen’ Hand Cannon upon completion, has gone live alongside the most recent weekly reset. This quest continues the chase for this unique weapon as the player sets across the Solar System to aid in the evacuation of the planets that will soon be obliterated by the Pyramids.

To continue on this quest the player will first need to talk with Zavala in the Tower who will then direct the player to Asher Mir on Io.

Observer Effect

Asher Mir will give the player the next step in the questline titled ‘Observer Effect’. This short step will task the player with running through the Sanctum of Bones Lost Sector which is located just across from Asher. Once inside the player will need to collect 25 Traces of Corruption by defeating Taken, kill a Major Taken Phalanx within the final room, and then open the final chest.

Into the Pyramidion

For this next step the player will need to complete the Pyramidion Strike on Io. You do not need to queue up in the Strikes playlist and hope you get it but can instead simply select the Strike from the Io map.

This can be done with all subsequent strikes in the questline too. The second objective of this step is to kill 40 Vex on Io and hopefully this is also completed during the Strike. If not, simply run around Io, killing any Vex you see.

Double Blind

The player will now need to complete a Heroic version of the ‘Unexpected Guests’ Adventure. This Adventure is actually accessed directly from the Io map and is a large blue node, rather than the small orange node that Adventures usually are. This applies to all the subsequent Adventures the player will need to complete too.

Return to Asher Mir

Return to Asher Mir to complete the Io portion of the Exodus: Evacuation questline. Asher will reward you with the Pyramidion Nightfall exclusive weapon, ‘Silicon Neuroma’.

Repeat Above Steps on Titan, Mercury and Mars

The questline will then take you through the above mentioned planets completing similar tasks to the ones completed on Io, with some slight variations.

Titan will have you run a Lost Sector, kill some Major enemies in the Solarium and Festering Halls, then run through Savathun’s Song.

Mercury will have you complete both of the destination’s Strikes, A Garden World and Tree of Probabilities, then complete a Heroic Adventure.

On Mars the player will need to inspect a Warmind node near the Mindlab: Rasputin location, this node has an objective marker on it so it’s quite easy to find once you get to the general area. The player will then run 5 waves of Escalation Protocol and finish off with another Heroic Adventure.

After the steps on each location the player will be able to return to the destination’s vendor to be rewarded with a Nightfall exclusive weapon, similar to the Silicon Neuroma reward from Io.

These weapons are the ’Duty Bound’ Auto Rifle from Titan, ‘D.F.A’ Hand Cannon from Mercury, and the ‘BrayTech Osprey’ Rocket Launcher from Mars. After completing the tasks on Titan the player will also return to Zavala to be rewarded with a ‘Mindbender’s Ambition’ Shotgun.

Return to Zavala

Upon completing all the steps at each of the 4 above destinations the player will be able to return to Zavala to be rewarded with the ‘Traveler’s Chosen’ Exotic Hand Cannon.

Traveler’s Chosen

Traveler’s Chosen is a 300 RPM Sidearm, which puts it in the same archetype as Drang, and has a 15 round capacity. The weapon’s perks are as follows:

Gathering Light - Final Blows with this weapon grant stacks of Gathering Light. [Hold Reload]: Consume stacks granting melee, grenade and class ability energy based on the number of stacks.

Gift of the Traveller - Each stack of Gathering Light improves the weapon’s reload, handling and target acquisition.

Each stack of Gathering Light does have diminishing returns in terms of how much ability energy is granted but as a general rule of thumb it can be looked at as granting approximately 10% energy per stack. This means that after 10 final blows in PvE the player will be able to hold reload to instantly regenerate their grenade, melee and class abilities back to full.

With Stasis coming in Beyond Light this could end up being a popular PvE weapon as the increased ability regeneration could be extremely useful with the freezing effects granted by Stasis.

In PvP, each final blow grants 3 stacks of Gathering Light. The perk Gift of the Traveler increases the already amazing stats of the weapon, and the stacks of Gathering Light do not have a time limit or disappear when switching weapons, so this helps with quickly chaining kills together and getting a killing spree going.

Sidearms in PvP are extremely powerful in the right hands but tend to fly under the radar. Traveller’s Chosen has a 0.6 second time to kill with extremely high stats compared to other Sidearms which can be bumped up higher with the weapon’s perk. Traveler’s Chosen is simply going to be extremely strong in the Crucible.


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