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Introducing Guides and New Take on LFG

We are very excited about this one. Months at work, we are finally launching Guides and LFG on Destiny 2 Tracker!

We have two new features we're announcing today on Destiny 2: Guides and LFG v2. Without further ado, let's hear about what we've been cooking up.


Following the release of guide clips on our Valorant and Destiny 2 sites last year, we were reminded that there is a tremendous amount of untapped knowledge and creativity in our community. Sharing knowledge makes everyone better, so we decided to continue creating tools that help people play better (since that's sort of what we're all about!) In that spirit, today we're announcing Guides.

Guides are user-submitted long-form written and mixed media content. If you've ever played intricate games like World of Warcraft or League of Legends you may already be familiar with the type of content you can expect from Guides. If you're unfamiliar, I'll provide a couple examples of where Guides could be helpful to you: perhaps you're a Destiny 2 player and you want to know strategies for completing a PVE mission in the shortest time possible. Wherever your experience lies, we think Guides are a great medium for sharing and consuming deep knowledge about the games you've spent countless hours perfecting.

As the person most responsible for deciding what Guides was going to become, I'm personally very excited to see where our community will take this. We will be continually improving on Guides functionality and giving more power to their creators as we start to see patterns and needs emerge. Guides are launching first for Destiny 2 (we'll also be releasing some commissioned guides for each title as they're completed), with more game support on the way soon. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out in the #guides channel on our Discord or on our Destiny Tracker Twitter.

Amazing guides are already available:

Lost Sector Guide: Concealed Void
Four weeks into Season of the Splicer and a new rotation of Lost Sectors has come around. Although t...
Vault of Glass Complete Raid Guide
Vault of Glass was the first ever Destiny raid and it has now made it’s triumphant return in Destiny...
Stochastic Variable: A Potential King
Season of the Splicer featured the return of the year 1 Future War Cult weapons. While the support f...

And more are available on the Guides page!

LFG v2: What Was Once Old is New Again

Last year we rolled out a pretty spicy take on LFG. Our goal was provide a passive LFG experience which would allow people to continue to use our site while we found suitable matches for them to play with automatically. Sadly, while we believe this was a valiant effort, the resulting experience ended up being a little too complicated, and a little too confusing.

We've taken that as a lesson and have returned to our roots somewhat: LFG version 2 is a return to a more active search experience. You pick the players you want to play with, and we'll make sure you can get in touch with them. It's a bit more work but we think finding people to play with will lead to higher quality outcomes.

The whole system pretty much speaks for itself, and we hope you find it to be an improvement. LFG support for more games will be added in time. Destiny 2 and Valorant LFG are available now.


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