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Is Destiny Retreating From The 'Free-To-Play' Model

Destiny Will Soon Have Little To Offer Budget Conscious Guardians

On September 17th, 2019 Bungie made the bold decision for Destiny to go to a more free-to-play style franchise. Destiny was restructured with the core game to include all expansions until Forsaken as “free.” This allowed players to purchase the further expansions and season pass at their leisure if they wanted more story, loot, and activities.

At first, this was highly celebrated by the community and in my opinion, is still a great aspect of the franchise. But after Trials Of Osiris relaunched in Destiny an obvious loophole was shown. Players found they could take advantage of the “free-to-play’ aspect of the game to create burner accounts when they wanted to manipulate the game in their favor without risking their years of work.

I am not here to debate on if competitive game modes should be locked behind a cost of entry though, I am here to focus on what will be the point of playing Destiny on November 10th if you don’t want to spend a penny.

What the Directory will look like November 10th Bungie

With the upcoming expansion, Bungie has stated they will be vaulting all content that we have come to know as the “core game” into the Destiny Content Vault. And though we have been promised that parts of the game will reemerge from the DCV with a freshened approach, we do not know what the more casual Guardians will be able to do while all the missions, Raids, and activities they were granted as free disappear.

In last weeks' This Week At Bungie we were granted an inside look at what the New Light starting experience will bring. Shaw Han, a Guardian patrolling the Cosmodrome, will give you a rundown on the controls, loot system, and interface of Destiny while battling through the Plaguelands.

Shaw Han the new guiding Guardian Bungie

This is all set to occur before players step foot in the tower and will hopefully bring a more simplistic approach to players looking to start their quest as a Guardian. A ten-minute mission however will not be enough to keep players interested and invested in the game that has captured thousands of others’ hearts.

Scouring through the information we have currently been given I have found that Free-To-Play Guardians will be able to do the following:

-New Player Experience Mission



-Strikes that have already been released

-Patrols and Missions on currently accessible planets and areas

If we go off the current seasonal calendar and assume the activities will stay consistent, we can also assume free players will be able to participate in seasonal events like Festival of the Lost and The Dawning. This is clearly not enough to sustain and grow the free-to-play fan base and will no doubt turn the coin conscious gamers away from Destiny.

It makes some wonder why Destiny went all in last year on this model to then suddenly retreat backward towards a more paid approach. I have a hunch that this could be related to Trials and we may see this as one of the many approaches they soon take to secure the game mode. I also feel that as Bungie is allowing for more Eververse items to be obtained organically in the game they may be pushing for the monetary gain of the game to come from the actual content of the game itself.

Whatever the reasoning may be, we will all have to wait for more information on what our free friends will be capable of as November 10th is less than a month away.

What are your thoughts on Destiny being free-to-play? Let me know in the comments below or @Suttledge on Twitter!


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6 days ago

So, for starters, this article is hella disingenuous because you say they’re taking out all this content as though they’re removing the free to play aspect, and in the same breath, acknowledging that they’ve stated the removal of said content is to retool and rework it to properly fit into the games current framework and environments. Alternatively, to fix certain encounters that proved to be unbalanced or too difficult based on the same criteria, E.G. - the spire of Stars Raid Lair. It is both a bug ridden mess at worst, and an unforgiving, mechanic heavy slog at best by comparison to it’s counterpart, Eater of Worlds. The activities they are removing are activities that are the least engaging based on statistical data, people are not doing these pieces of content anymore and as such, they want to figure out how to get people back in there, but as they exist right now, no one wants them, so the idea is “we gotta fix them first.” That doesn’t mean the game is no longer free to play or that they’re backtracking on that model. It also assumes that none of the forthcoming seasons in Beyond Light and further will have free to play aspects in them. I know this piece is editorial, but this whole piece smacks of cherrypicked and or omitted facts.

And as for my fellow commenters, you really have no clue what you’re talking about do you? Chinafication? Laughable at best. What was the last MMO you heard of with multiple years of content, and a plan for more years worth of events to come, where you had to pay for the base game and its expansions? Any MMO that doesn’t have a free trial period. World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Black Desert, Blade and Soul, it’s all free to an extent, and then you pay a la carte for what you want. Especially in a game like Destiny(which, please stop kidding yourselves, it’s an MMO in first person) where people pick and choose what content they want to partake in anyway. Why make them pay for the full game when they only want patrols. I know some people in my clan that raid every night if not every other night and don’t bother with Crucible ever, not even Iron Banner. Meanwhile my other friends use Competitive playlists to do their level grinding and have barely touched the PvE aspect of the game. People were already curating their game experience to whatever they wanted, the F2P model was a logical conclusion.

And don’t get me started on big brain with the list.

  1. Raids are being put into DCV to fix them you muppet
  2. You say this like Bungie doesn’t get shit on religiously for nerfing weapons, are you fucking high? Thanks to this same community, they have a very tight rope to walk to make weapon changes not feel like nerfs or people will rip their heads off about it
  3. Weird thing to go off on being that they’ve never insinuated that such a thing would ever be part of the game? Again at this point Destiny is an MMO, god forbid some items be purely cosmetic
  4. Which part is the “stupid” side of the community? Because right off the bat with your first point, you’ve proven that they shouldn’t listen to you since you didn’t know the Raids are going into the Content Vault specifically to be fixed
  5. This, I’ll give you. Do I personally believe they need a new engine? No. But it’s the only correct statement you’ve mad so far
  6. This is also true. Except the part about Titans. We’re strong but Sentinel needs a whole lot of work. Hunters first though
  7. Back to being wrong, the player count over the last two years, both Forsaken and Shadowkeep, has increased compared to Year 3 of Destiny 1, and Year 1 of Destiny 2, which, funny enough, Shadowkeep actually DOUBLED the total number of players compared to Forsaken, if memory serves
  8. What would you have preferred? Hm? Yea it’s repetitive, but it was also easy, knock out a quick pinnacle in 45min to an hour, and then go back about your business
  9. What part of “Game too big to be stable” didn’t you understand about the DCV? Content Vault exists for SEVERAL reasons, two of which being ease of deployment, be it bug fixes or content, and the other being stability, less to load and manage means less to crash or fail
  10. You’re a fuckin random dude on the internet that has likely never built a game before, and has the grammatical skill of a 10th grader at BEST. I would be mortified if they ever listened to your proposals alone.
1 week ago

It's called Chinafication. They are shifting harder towards the cheap Chinese way of doing things. Mobile "games" have been doing it for years. It pads hours played numbers. They are purposely weakening guardians to pad out those numbers too. Bungle is a greedy, sleazy sesspool of a company and I will not be buying Beyond Light or supporting that trash company anymore. I'm doing my part to get change by speaking with my wallet. What are you doing to get change?

1 week ago

This dude so mad he wrote an essay He so mad he's living in his own marvel universe where Bungie will go broke cause he mad lmao

1 week ago

So let me get this straight instead of the bungie ceo doing something that makes sense he wants to be even more stupid, just so I have this right for the last 6yrs you rather:

  1. Not fix any of the raids

  2. Not fix overpowered weapons which makes people not want to play trials or just regular pvp

  3. No space ship battles or colors we can choose by our own hand just shaders which half don’t even look good on 90% of the armor or weapons you have

  4. No original ideas or listen to part the community that isn’t stupid

  5. Not getting a new engine the only game whose engine is more outdated than the first Xbox

  6. The lack of anything in the game registering on time is insane not to mention no buffs for the hunter yet the weakest class, you favored the warlock it’s the strongest, the Titan is insane but you listen to people who are stupid asf and don’t know what they are talking about for the hunter specially with it’s delayed tether

  7. No one in your department knows how to fix anything which you have said yourself in many interviews so how about you hire people who can so you can have a higher player count

  8. You have failed to give content that isn’t 30mins or repetitive like means to an end quest and you finally make it to where we can fight nokris after just sitting on your ass all the way till it’s last min

  9. Everyone gets error codes constantly whether it’s once a day or multiple times before you even can hit the start button past the title but you blame it on there internet NewsFlash South Korea has the fastest internet in the world and they get error coded stop blaming them and Fix Your Game

  10. The new games coming out are gonna make your player count drop harder than a coffee mug to the floor and than you will sell to Microsoft at their price because you will have failed to do what I’m telling you.

You will be going broke trying to live off your fanatics in the community instead of someone like me trying to tell you get Your Shit Together cause I want the best for the game don’t become another no man sky please read this and do it drop your pride your ego and these dumb people in the community who have literally no clue what there talking about before it’s to late


Your True Destiny Fan