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Vault of Glass set to be released earlier than expected: Destiny 2 release date, World’s First race

Destiny’s inaugural Raid will be returning to the franchise earlier than we thought.

Last year it was revealed by Bungie that the fan-favourite raid ‘Vault of Glass’ would be returning to Destiny 2 sometime in Season 14 but an official date was never given. That is, until today.

In the latest ‘This Week at Bungie’ blog post, Community Manager Chris ‘Cozmo’ Shannon revealed not only that the Vault of Glass raid would become available May 22 at 10AM PDT, but also gave some further details on the setting, and the World’s First Race.

In regards to the World’s First Race, Bungie will be doing things slightly different this year since players already know how most of the encounters are going to work. When Vault of Glass launches on May 22, Contest mode will be active for the first 24 hours. In Contest mode, all Power above a certain level will give no additional advantages to the encounter. This is to create an equal playing field across the players competing for World’s First because as long as you are at least at the Power cutoff for Contest mode, you are as powerful as those above it.

Once a run of Vault of Glass with Contest mode has been cleared by a Fireteam, it will unlock a new Challenge mode of the raid as well as a list of Triumphs called ‘Tempos Edge’. The first Fireteam to complete the entire list of curated Triumphs for Tempos Edge in the new Challenge mode will be crowned the winners. As an added enforcement of the Triumphs, in Challenge mode the Fireteam will wipe if the conditions of the Triumphs are not met. An example of this would be if one of the Triumphs is ‘Complete the Templar encounter in under X minutes’, the Fireteam will automatically wipe if X minutes has been reached without the encounter being complete.

As an added bonus the usual prize of a Raid belt will still be available for the winners. Bungie says that they want to pay respects to the original winners from 2014 so instead of the usual gold belt, this belt will instead have a silver finish and feature the clan name of the original winners.

This Contest and Challenge mode will only be available for the first 24 hours with the Triumphs returning sometime later in Season 14.

An interesting detail that was revealed is that this iteration of Vault of Glass would both have the same story and would take place on Venus. A large portion of the community thought that while the encounters would stay largely the same, the raid itself would possibly take place in The Glassway on Europa, or before it was removed, The Pyramidion on Io. Bungie states that while the raid will take place on Venus, this will be a private space unlike how it was in the original Destiny. You will not be able to travel around Venus or help out other Fireteams attempting to open the Vault door.

Vault of Glass will launch on May 22 at 10AM PDT, just 11 days after the Season 14 release on May 11. What are you most excited about for the Vault of Glass? Fighting Atheon again? Vex Mythoclast? Fatebringer? Leave a comment below or as a reply on Twitter.


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