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New Cryptolith Lure duplication glitch calls Bungie's quality control into question

A high rate of bugs and exploits are beginning to frustrate the Destiny 2 community.

Yet another bug has been discovered in Destiny 2 for crafty Guardians to take advantage of. This time, the exploit concerns the new Cryptolith Lure that is used in the Seasonal activity Wrathborn Hunts.

The Cryptolith Lure is used in a similar way to the old Menagerie Chalice from Season of Opulence. The player is able to slot in different mods earned around the Solar System to narrow down the loot pool rewarded at the end of a Wrathborn Hunt.

The exploit involved in this is quite a simple one, and really calls into question the quality control over at Bungie. To start off, you must slot in a Prey mod in the first slot that will reward a weapon, this exploit will not work if the Prey mod is an armor piece. Second, select a mutation mod of the type you wish to duplicate. These mods determine the type of Masterwork the awarded weapon will have. Third, select any mod from the third slot, this does not affect the outcome.

After this is done, hover over the Prey mod in the first slot and then select the reset button. This will remove the chosen mods from the Lure. If you scroll over the mutation mod slot you will see that the mod you chose before will have an extra copy. Note that you have to actually have at least a single copy of a mutation mod in order to duplicate it.

One of the most popular Destiny streamers ‘Sweatcicle’, who was also a member of Last Wish World's First raid team, had the following to say about this exploit: “Duplication glitch already found for the mod slots. Like I hate to be the guy to call out the play testing, but it literally happens when you just press reset on the artifact. Step it up Bungie.”

This exploit joins a whole host of others that have been found within Destiny 2 since Beyond Light went live only one week ago. Here's a quick list:

  • Lost Sector on EDZ ‘Widow’s Walk’ dropping a high amount of Legendary engrams. This was quickly fixed.
  • Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcher disabled due to it dealing more damage than intended in PvP.
  • Repeatable Moon bounties disabled due to them awarded more XP than intended.
  • Trials of Osiris delayed until the weekend of November 27th due to a recently discovered issue. Bungie would not specify on what the issue was.
  • Nightfall: The Ordeal was changed from Exodus Crash to The Disgraced due to a bug that would halt progression of the strike. Exodus Crash was later also removed from the regular strike playlist.
  • Legend and Master tier Veles Labyrinth Lost Sector disabled due to a bug allowing players to complete the Lost Sector in under a minute.

All of these bugs in just over a week. Almost one a day. Not to mention the Raid boss insta-kill glitch discovered by streamer Gladd and crew that has thrown the entire upcoming World’s First race for Deep Stone Crypt into question.

These frustrations are beginning to pile up. Social media has been flooded with angry posts from players about how they now cant use their favourite weapon because it was disabled or that they now cant farm the new Lost Sector for the new Exotics.

“...I planned on hopping on my Warlock to grab myself a nice pair of exotic gauntlets from the lost sector on the EDZ until bungie disabled the lost sector because of the cheese. I didn’t even know about the cheese. I really just want to play the game.” says reddit user ‘TokqD’.

“We need to hear something from Bungie. Not just "we will address it with future content". They need to be 100% transparent for once and address the fact that D2 has struggled with the direction they've attempted to take it from DAY ONE.” says another reddit user ‘fishk33per’.

This is on top of the already incredibly poor reception the community has had to sunsetting in Beyond Light. It seems Bungie’s relationship with the Destiny 2 community is at an all time low and only time will tell how the developers will choose to address it.


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