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New Iron Banner weapons coming to Destiny 2 in Season 14

Two returning weapons and two new weapons will soon be added to the Iron Banner loot pool.

Season 14 of Destiny 2 will be coming in a few short weeks and with it, some shiny new Iron Banner weapons will be added into the mix for Guardians to grind for when the event rolls around.

Recently, we had ‘The Time-Worn Spire’ Pulse Rifle and the ‘Multimach CCX’ Submachine added to the loot pool, both being older Destiny 2 weapons brought forward to the current sandbox.

In Season 14, a whopping four weapons will be added to Iron Banner with two being older weapons similar to Time-Worn and Multimach, with the other two being brand new weapons. Here’s a sneak peek at the weapons:

All of this information was revealed during the latest ‘This Week at Bungie’ blog post. In this blog post, Community Manager Dylan ‘dmg04’ Gafner states that the Hand Cannon and Sniper are the returning weapons while the Machine Gun and Shotgun are the new weapons.

Both of these new weapons appear to be Suros made, with the Hand Cannon being the 140RPM ‘Finite Impactor’ and the Sniper being the 72RPM Aggressive Frame ‘Occluded Finality’.

Unfortunately, Finite Impactor has significantly worse base stats than a lot of other 140RPM Hand Cannons like The Palindrome. This archetype of Hand Cannon isnt the meta at the moment either, that spot belongs to the powerful 120RPMs. These meta Hand Cannons are seeing their Range cut down by a bit next Season according to the TWAB so it’s possible that with the right perks, Finite Impactor could be viable. As The Palindrome can be fairly cumbersome to farm, a nicely rolled Finite Impactor could be more obtainable for some people.

Occluded Finality has fairly high base zoom which is something you normally wouldn’t want in a PvP sniper but since the change to how zoom and aim assist works (higher zoom scopes having higher aim assist) this could end up being fairly favorable. With the interchangeable scopes of Suros weapons, it’s possible that Occluded Finality will end up having a high aim assist value with a good Handling stat. Keep an eye on this one when it releases.

As a side note, Gafner states that the team is hard at work on creating some new armor sets for Iron Banner, something that has not been seen for many, many Seasons. Gafner makes sure to temper expectations and says that these new armor sets are still a few Seasons away though.

At the present time, we don’t know when the first Iron Banner of Season 14 will start, all we know is that Season 14 is launching May 11. The upcoming Iron Banner on April 13 is said to be the last for Season of the Chosen and since this event is roughly monthly it’s possible that we could see the opening Iron Banner of Season 14 within the first few weeks of the new Season.


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