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New player experience 'New Light' to be reworked in Destiny 2 Year 4

On November 10, players will meet a new friendly face to guide them through the world of Destiny 2.

The current new player experience in Destiny 2 has been lackluster for some time now. Currently, the player is greeted with a slightly reworked version of the first mission in the Cosmodrome from the original Destiny and is then unceremoniously dumped in the Tower to fend for themselves. There is almost no introduction to the numerous gameplay systems that intertwine in the world of Destiny 2.

This can obviously lead to a heap of confusion, especially since these gameplay systems can be quite complex in how they interact with each other.

Almost daily, several posts can be seen on the Destiny subreddit from new players who have several questions like: How do I play the old campaigns? What do engrams do? What’s Gambit?

Bungie has finally decided to make adjustments to the new player experience to make it more comprehensive and easier to digest according to the latest ‘This Week at Bungie’ blog post.

On November 10th, once Beyond Light releases, players who start on their journey through the world of Destiny 2 will find themselves revived by their Ghost on the outer edges of the Cosmodrome, much similar to today.

This mission will progress largely the same as the current iteration, that is until the player comes across a new NPC Guardian by the name of Shaw Han.

Shaw Han is a Hunter who is currently on a mission with his Fireteam to investigate Hive activity in the Cosmodrome. Han will guide the player through numerous missions to bring them up to speed on the gameplay systems of Destiny 2 such as weapon types, armor, bounties and quests. Bungie says this will all happen before the player sets foot in the Tower so as to not overwhelm the new player with loads of information.

On an interesting side-note, there has been a fair bit of speculation

This begs the question though: Will veteren players be able to participate in this new player experience and be able to team up with Shaw Han?

Thankfully, the answer is yes: “If you’re an existing player and would like to go through the New Light quest, it will also be available to you on November 10.” says Bungie Community Manager ‘dmg04’ in the latest TWAB.

The Cosmodrome as an explorable destination will also be coming out of the Destiny Content Vault to be experienced by all players.

Bungie has said previously that it won't be quite as large as it’s Destiny 1 counterpart but will be expanded in future updates. On its first release though there will be a small surprise in a brand new Lost Sector for players to discover.

This revamped Cosmodrome, alongside the New Light experience, will be available when Beyond Light launches on November 10th.


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