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Older Seasonal weapons will soon make their way into the World Loot Pool

A hotfix is incoming to give players another chance to earn these popular weapons.

It only takes a single visit to any Destiny 2 social media site like Twitter or Reddit and it becomes immediately clear what the community’s thoughts are on the recent ‘sunsetting’ of older gear. Thankfully, according to the latest ‘This Week at Bungie’ Bungie is willing to make changes.

The concept of sunsetting has had a negative reception since its reveal earlier in the year as players are hesitant towards having to grind for similar gear multiple times every few Seasons.

The release of Beyond Light quickly showed that sunsetting had been implemented in a poor fashion with the loot pool shrinking by over 50% overnight, with some weapon archetypes completely disappearing, and even paid expansions having their gear become sunset.

This immense backlash from the community did not slowly die off as new posts were popping up on the Destiny 2 subreddit every day complaining about the sunsetting experience.

“Charging 25$ each for Forsaken and Shadowkeep that have no relevant content is beyond scammy” was the title of a post by reddit user ‘Type-125’ which amassed almost 14 thousand upvotes.

“Sunsetting armor is pointless, greedy for player time, and straight up violates the 'play how you want' mantra.” was another post by ‘NecessaryBalances’ which had over 8 thousand upvotes.

It seems Bungie has been listening to the community’s outcries and are planning on making changes to the Destiny 2 loot pool. These changes are aimed at reintroducing older Seasonal weapons to the world loot pool which is loot gained from random world drops and vendor engrams. Hopefully this will give the community more weapons to chase, although this still doesn't address the problem that hardly any NEW weapons were introduced with Beyond Light and Season of the Hunt.

Here are the changes which are planned to go live on November 24th as a hotfix:

  • Remove all legendary weapons that hit their infusion cap at the end of this season
  • Add all of the Seventh Seraph weapons from Season 10
  • Add all of the Season 11 seasonal and planetary reprisal weapons
  • Weight drop chances so the newer an item is, the more likely it is to drop.  

Reddit user ‘Boxwizard’ commented the following in the TWAB post on the Destiny 2 subreddit which shows a comprehensive list of both the weapons that will be leaving the loot pool and the weapons that will be reintroduced:

“Removed from the world loot Pool:

  • Uriel's gift.
  • The Old Fashioned
  • Last Hope
  • Hawthorne's Field-Forged Shotgun
  • Elatha FR4
  • Mos Epoch III

Added to the world loot pool on November 24th:

  • False Promises
  • Seventh Seraph Carbine
  • Cold Denial
  • Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver
  • Seventh Seraph VY-7
  • Ikelos SMG
  • Seventh Seraph SI-2
  • Whispering Slab
  • Seventh Seraph CQC
  • First in, Last out
  • Hollow Words
  • Ikelos Sniper
  • Falling Guillotine
  • Temptation's Hook
  • Berenger's Memory
  • Seventh Seraph SAW

The following weapons (from the prophecy dungeon) might be in the world loot pool on the 24th:

  • Hoosegow
  • Ikelos Hand cannon
  • Ikelos shotgun
  • Death Adder
  • Negative Space
  • Widow's Bite”

All of these weapons being reintroduced are quality with Falling Guillotine, Cold Denial, Ikelos SMG and Seventh Seraph CQC being standouts. Honestly not many people are going to miss weapons such as Mos Epoch III and Elatha FR4 being removed so this is honestly a great move by Bungie to tide the community over until more adjustments to sunsetting can be made.


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