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Players Honor Lance Reddick With Tower Vigals In Destiny 2

Remembering Lance Reddick: The Voice of Commander Zavala and Champion of the Destiny Community

Lance Reddick, the beloved voice actor of Commander Zavala in Destiny, has tragically passed away, leaving the Destiny community in mourning. This news has left many heartbroken, as Reddick was not only known for his incredible voice acting skills but also his passion for the game and its players.

Reddick was an avid supporter of the Destiny community, and his interactions with fans on Twitter were a testament to his dedication. He was a genuinely great guy, and his energy as a human was unmatched. Reddick would often engage with fans, sharing his love for the game and his appreciation for the community.

One of Reddick's most memorable moments was during Season of the Risen, where he posted a video of himself reading out a copypasta. The video garnered more attention than the trailer for the season itself, which was a testament to Reddick's popularity and the love that the community had for him.

The news of Reddick's passing left many speechless, and players from all over the globe flocked to the Tower in-game to hold vigils and mourn the loss of a great voice actor and human being. It was heartwarming to see the community come together to honor his memory.

As much as we will miss Reddick's voice, the world has lost a champion for human rights. He was a passionate advocate for equality and justice, and his passing is a great loss for all.

Bungie, the developers of Destiny, put out a statement on Reddick's passing, saying, "To say he will be missed is a profound understatement." This sentiment is echoed by the entire community, who will forever remember Reddick's legacy and the impact he had on the game and its players.

Lance Reddick will be missed, but his memory will live on through his incredible voice acting and his advocacy for human rights. The Destiny community will always remember him as a true champion, and his legacy will never be forgotten.


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