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Spoiler Alert: We Now Know A Familiar Face Is Returning To Destiny 2

This Destiny Character May Be Coming Back In An Unexpected Way

The following article contains potential spoilers for Beyond Light and future Destiny expansions. Though obtained through a credible source, anything is subject to change.

Remember Uldren Sov? I know he is a hard guy to forget considering he killed our favorite ramen eating Exo, Cayde-6. By now though, he might not necessarily be front of mind.

Uldren Sov was last seen on his back trembling for mercy into the barrel of our beloved Ace of Spades. The scene went black and we were left wondering if we pulled the trigger.

We later find through Audience with the Queen that Uldren was in fact laid to rest that day but has now been resurrected by a Ghost named Pulled Pork. Brought back as a Lightbearer, Uldren Sov knows nothing of his past but has been ridiculed and shunned by everyone he comes in contact with.

There has been much speculation on when, where, and if our Guardian will ever see Uldren Sov again. Many seem to believe Uldren may even secretly be Shaw Han, the Guardian shown to be educating new Destiny players in the Cosmodrome when Beyond Light launches this fall.

I personally do not believe this theory will pan out, mostly because we know everyone is refusing to work with Uldren and in the most recent This Week At Bungie, Bungie states that Shaw Han is “working with a fireteam to investigate what the Hive are up to in the Cosmodrome.” I think Uldren has about as much luck assembling a fireteam as I do assembling one on a Tuesday at 2 P.M for a legit Petra’s Run of Last Wish.

Last Chance For Spoilers I am warning you like Taeko-3 to Turn Back!

Though I may not have many clues as to how Uldren Sov will return to the franchise, I can now confirm with certainty that he soon will.

Due to a tip received from a credible source I have now learned that the voice actor for Uldren Sov, Brandon O'Neill, was approached earlier this spring to set up a recording booth in his home at the request of Bungie. I was also informed that he received a script for Uldren Sov and we will see the character’s return in the very near future.
The information I received directly correlates with the timeline of which we have seen Lance Reddick, the voice of Zavala, recording and showcasing his at-home booth.

Though it may still be up in the air to exactly when we may see the fallen Prince once again, one thing is for certain. We have not heard the last of Uldren Sov.


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