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The Fastest Ways To Gain Dawning Spirit

Here Is How To Help Push The Community Forward Fastest

If you are like me and love a good community challenge, you are probably wondering how you can best optimize your gathering rate of Dawning Spirit.

After baking over 200 Cookies like the good boy Guardian I am, here is my most efficient route for Dawning Spirit.

First you are going to want to make sure to complete and masterwork your Oven. If you need help check out my guide here.

After completing the masterwork, fully complete the "And To All A Good Flight" quest. This is crucial to do before going into full farm mode. Once you complete this quest and equip the full upgraded ship you will generate Dawning Spirit about 40% of the time you get a material drop from an enemy.

Now you are ready to go into full Keebler Elf mode. Here are my two best farms, one for solo players and one for fireteams.

For Fireteams:

Currently you are able to cheese Wrathborn hunts and it is going to work to your advantage to get on this fast if you are able to.

What you will do is load into a Savek Hunt and head to the part of the hunt where you follow the slime trail. Once at the end the Party Leader with the Lure Charge will initiate the hunt.

The only players allowed to kill Savek are the ones not leading the fireteam. I recommend using a Xenophage and SMG loadout to clear the ads as it will typically drop Bullet Spray and Ether Cane, the exact ingredients for Shaw Han Blueberry Crumblers.

It is crucial the Party Leader does not go into the cave to kill Savek, instead they can race into the Lost Sector near by and kill Cabal with Swords to generate enough materials for a Vanilla Blade cookie each run.

Once Savek has been slain every member of the fireteam will receive 10 Essence of Dawning and these runs should take 30-45 seconds each. You will receive 3 Dawning Spirit per cookie delivered as well as any that drop while you are farming.
Have the leader abandon the activity after Savek has been slain and you will be able to rinse and repeat this till you are all stocked up on what you need.

For Solos:

If you prefer the Lone Wolf route there is still an easy farm for you to grind. Legendary Lost Sectors at 1250 will be the next best location for farming Materials and Essence.

The location for this will change daily so make sure to check which Lost Sector is active between Europa and the Cosmodrome.

Once you are in defeating the final boss will net you 15+ Essence of Dawning which is enough to make a cookie and a half.

Try to keep the mentality of double dipping as much as possible, so try to get kills with weapons that will match the enemies you are fighting to net a cookie every run.

There are certainly tons of places to farm enemies for Materials and resources but these two avenues are the quickest I have found to get Essence, Materials, and extra bonuses every run.

How are you liking the Community Challenge? Let me know in the comments or @Suttledge on Twitter.

I am live everyday on Twitch and on Twitter talking about Destiny, Coffee, and more.

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