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Three Destiny 2 weapons you need to get before Season 11 arrives next month

Getting ready for Bungie to flip the season-handover switch again? Here's three of the top guns you'll want to have before they do.

A large number of changes will be coming to the Destiny 2 sandbox come the release of Season 11 in just over 2 weeks time according to the “This Week at Bungie’ blog post for 05/21/2020. These changes range from reload perk rebalancing to underused perk and weapon archetype buffs.

As is normal with these large scale changes it's entirely possible to see some expected, and unexpected, weapons rise to the top after these changes settle among the playerbase.

Below is a short list of weapons, and weapon rolls, to get your hands on in time for the Season 11 changes to make sure your Guardian is as prepared as they can be.

The Last Word

The Last Word is an Exotic Hand Cannon that has seen some controversy in its lifetime. Before the nerfs at the start of Shadowkeep this weapon was widely used within the Crucible to great effect due to its extremely low time to kill, even when only hitting body shots.

The Shadowkeep nerfs greatly lowered the ADS precision hit damage values while keeping the hipfire precision hit values largely the same. The body shot damage was also lowered for both ADS and hipfire. This ensured that if a player wanted to achieve the optimal time to kill then they would need to hit precision hits while hip firing.

At the start of Season 11 the perk Hipfire Grip, which The Last Word has, will be seeing a fairly significant buff. It will gain an increased aim assist bonus while hip firing and there will be a greater range at which the aim assist bonus begins to fall off.

On top of this, the angle at which aim assist can pull a missed shot into a precision hit will be widened, giving a much needed bit of leniency.

This is all really good news for The Last Word as it will essentially give the weapon extra consistency while hip firing to help keep up that optimal time to kill.

To obtain The Last Word, the player must own the Black Armory Season. If so, players can talk to The Drifter to obtain the Exotic Quest ‘The Draw’ which will reward The Last Word upon completion.

The Chaperone

This Exotic Slug Shotgun that has honestly been fairly unassuming for years since it was introduced to Destiny 2 at launch. It has its small niche in both PvE and PvP but has never really had its time to shine, that is until Season 11 hits.

In Season 11 all Slug Shotguns will be receiving a whopping 30% increase to PvE damage.

Before these buffs The Chaperone is already sitting on a modest 16k average DPS while Roadborn is active with The Fourth Horseman and Lord of Wolves being the only other Special Weapons that outpace it.

After these buffs The Chaperone will do almost 21k average DPS which brings it basically equal with The Fourth Horseman without its Catalyst.

The Fourth Horseman is obviously much easier to use than The Chaperone but it requires almost point black fire to be effective while The Chaperone can still keep a few metres distance while maintaining maximum damage.

The Chaperone does require consistent precision hits in order to achieve the above DPS numbers though so be aware of that.

The Chaperone can be obtained by completing the "Holliday Family History" quest which drops randomly at the conclusion of Crucible matches.

The Summoner with Dynamic Sway Reduction

As it stands The Summoner is already one of the most used Auto Rifles in PvP since the decent nerfs to the previous King of the Crucible, Hard Light.

This is due to it being an extremely well-rounded Auto Rifle stat-wise and it being an Adaptive Auto Rifle which benefited significantly from the buffs at Shadowkeep’s release.

At the release of Season 11 the perk Dynamic Sway Reduction, which can roll on The Summoner, will be receiving a pretty decent buff.

The perk will also grant an extra 10 Stability after sustained fire in addition to the perk already granting increased Accuracy.

Basically, the reticle won't bounce around as much due to the extra Stability and the shots are more likely to land where the reticle is aiming due to the increased Accuracy.

Combine this with a perk like Rangefinder and you have an extremely stable Auto Rifle that can hit its max damage from significant distances.

Recommended PvP Perks:

  • Barrel - Arrowhead Brake (Controller), Extended Barrel (M+KB)
  • Magazine - High-Caliber Rounds
  • Perk 1 - Dynamic Sway Reduction, Moving Target, Zen Moment (Controller)
  • Perk 2 - Rangefinder
  • Masterwork - Stability (Controller), Range (M+KB)

The Summoner can only be obtained through the Trials of Osiris game mode as a reward for reaching the required 3, 5 or 7 wins or by achieving Flawless.

The rewards for each win threshold change each week so be sure to check each Friday to see if The Summoner can be earned.


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