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5 best Destiny 2 guns you have to get before Beyond Light, and how to get them

These weapons will be sure to keep you alive on Europa.

Beyond Light is just around the corner with there being a little under a month until Guardians will set foot upon the icey wastelands of Europa.

A new expansion can be a daunting prospect and it can sometimes be difficult to decide what weapons to use when facing a brand new threat. Sure, it's possible to go into the expansion with the intention of using whatever new weapons are thrown your way but it's always a good idea to have some tried and true choices in the back pocket. This ensures that when the more difficult content becomes available you are in the best possible shape to take on these new challenges.

Here is a quick list of weapons and perk rolls that you should be farming for right now to take in to Beyond Light with you:


I must admit that I was very late to the party in regards to Xenophage. I only just got around to completing the quest a few months ago but since then it almost hasnt left my Heavy slot.

Xenophage is quite simply a bit of a beast. It has excellent DPS for taking down bosses and can one shot almost all orange bar enemies, except maybe tanky Ogres. To top it all off Xenophage cannot crit since all its damage is explosive so no need to worry about hitting precision hits, just aim in the general direction of the enemy and fire away.

Since Xenophage is an Exotic there is also no need to worry about it being sunset.

Falling Guillotine

Since all Swords received a substantial damage boost earlier in the year they have landed solidly in the ‘viable’ tier. When the ‘Lucent Blade’ armor mod was released this Season it launched Swords up into the ‘overpowered’ tier overnight.

Falling Guillotine paired with the Lucent Blade and Charged With Light mods is able to output ridiculous amounts of damage without hardly any skill involved. Just be sure to only heavy attack when it’s fully charged up as otherwise it will do hardly any damage and you will see a huge loss in potential DPS.

Be on the lookout for perks such as Tireless Blade, Relentless Strikes and Whirlwind Blade.

Falling Guillotine can be acquired through Umbral Engrams


IKELOS SMG is a fairly decent weapon in its own right but the main reason its top tier is because of Warmind Cells. Warmind Cells are capable of completely clearing out the battlefield of enemies with ease. They can quite simply turn a single Guardian into a whole Fireteam worth of destruction.

The updated version of this weapon from the Warmind expansion can be acquired through Umbral engrams. Be sure to be on the lookout for perks such as Threat Detector, Surrounded or Demolitionist.

To take full advantage of the IKELOS SMG you need to actually have a Warmind Cell mod equipped such as Global Reach or Rage of the Warmind. If you weren’t around during Season of the Worthy when these mods were available don't worry, the Gunsmith can still sell them on a daily rotation so be sure to check often.

Last Hope

Sidearms can be somewhat underrated in PvE activities but let me tell you with the right perks Last Hope can absolutely carry you through many different activities. Paired with the Surprise Attack mod, which doubles the damage of Sidearms when consuming Charged With Light stacks, Last Hope can cut down minor and major enemies with ease.

Surprise Attack can also stack with other damage buffs so with perks like Multikill clip the damage of Last Hope can reach levels similar to Heavy weapons. Take this one step further and add in Oppressive Darkness to make yourself a one many army.

Last Hope is a World legendary and so can be obtained through any regular Legendary source.

The only downside to Last Hope is that it was released during Season of Dawn and so will be sunset at the end of next Season.

False Promises

False Promises is nothing too spectacular but it will be extremely reliable in almost any situation you find yourself in when exploring Europa in November.

This Auto Rifle is a High-Impact Frame so it hits hard and has massive Range but very low Stability. The Range is obviously very handy for dealing full damage from further away but honestly the low Stability really isn't a deal breaker as False Promises has an excellent vertical bounce to its recoil.

Perks like Feeding Frenzy and Rampage boost up the overall DPS and performance of this weapon so be sure to grind for those perks.

False Promises can be obtained through Umbral Engrams.


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