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TRN WEEKLY: May 23, 2021

Many overlay app updates, big Warzone Tracker improvements, and a new partnership!

Valorant Tracker App Massive Improvements & New Features

For the past two weeks, we released a number of updates as part of a massive patch. Let's talk about the main changes which are now available:

  • NEW FEATURE: 'Roster' - The app will show the most important information on teammates and opponents during a match (only Competitive, Unrated, and Spike Rush are supported).
  • When the window is showing during the match, The mouse control will be enabled to allow switching tabs in the main app window.
  • The application theme has been refreshed.
  • The application fully supports all game modes, maps and agents now.
  • The match history supports filtering matches by the game mode now.
  • The Performance page provides a better overview of recent matches in the chosen game mode now.
  • The Agents page is available now with stats of all agents in all game modes.
  • It is possible to force refreshing stats manually now.
  • Radiant players will be able to see their current Rank Rating under the rank image.

Download the app here on PC.

Fortnite App Improvements & Upcoming updates

We also released some updates to our Fortnite overlay app, and more is in the planning: Match history improvements and match detailed page, Performance page, and more. Here's the changelog of the recent updates:

  • The home and search pages provide lifetime and weekly stats now.
  • When a local player kills someone or gets killed by someone, the application will display opponent stats in the current game mode.
  • The management of the application windows has been improved to reduce the system resource usage.
  • The welcome image has been updated for new users.
  • Minor under-the-hood improvements.

Get the app today.

Apex Tracker App Updates

The PC Overlay app for Apex Legends is being updated, and a unique feature we were finally able to add is now available. Here's the changelog:

  • The app will detect the final squad placement and display it in the match history.
  • The winning percentage is available in the match history now.
  • The kill notification has smooth animations now to prevent blinking.
  • The app will detect if a player died in a fire.
  • Fixed an issue when the damage value included decimal places in rare cases.

Get the app on PC.

Warzone Tracker Profile & Matches Update

The Warzone Tracker Match Page received a significant update with a more data-driven approach in mind! That includes new lobby average stats, team sorting, and player-lobby stat comparison!

In addition, there are two other new features:

  • Warzone lobbies Average K/D on your profile page.
  • Heatmap of your Warzone placements in the Matches tab of your profile page.

Here's a demo profile.

Long-Term Partnership with ADVANCEDgg

If you follow up for a while, you know that ADVANCEDgg is good friends of ours for a long time. But we sat together and took it a step further to make sure we can provide even more value to our community.

That is why we announced a long-term partnership, with a new unique flavor you can get yourself, the Blueberry Tracker Açaí! You can find more information about our announcement here, and here you can get the new flavor.

These were the big highlights, and we have daily updates as we are continuously working on improving our sites and apps. Please share your feedback with us, and let us know what you think! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to get all the latest TRN news, announcements, and data insights.


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