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Why You Should Be Playing Iron Banner This Weekend

This is your only shot at getting Legendary 120 anytime soon

Iron Banner needs a facelift, there is no denying that. The gameplay is dry, the armor needs to be refreshed, and it still should have its own Title to chase in the game.

This weekend, however, I highly recommend booting up Iron Banner if you want to have a better chance of succeeding in PVP this season.  

With Season Of The Hunt, Bungie did a major overhaul in how Hand Cannons performed in the Crucible. Archetypes were tuned, Rate of Fire was dialed up and down and as a result, “Aggressive” 120 Hand Cannons are now the current meta of Destiny.

In fact, DestinyTracker shows that 120 Hand Cannons are three of the top five Hand Cannons currently being used.

What is important about Iron Banner right now is that this is currently the only time you are able to obtain a Legendary 120 Hand Cannon. The Steady Hand.

True Prophecy, the only other notable option, was removed from the loot pool early this season when Bungie added in more options. I don’t know if this was intentional but hopefully, it will be reversed.

Until we get word on True Prophecy, or we see another 120 added into the game, Steady Hand is your only option to arm yourself with the current meta.

Oh and while using this Hand Cannon with Felwinters may seem like your go to, try picking up Point of the Stag and equipping Lucky Pants onto your Hunter. You may be surprised at what double primary can actually do.


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