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A thumbnail image depicting the Arrival-Focused Umbral Engram.

Arrival-Focused Umbral Engram

A Focused Umbral Engram containing either the Cold Denial Pulse Rifle or the Falling Guillotine Sword. Requires obtaining both Season Pass weapons to generate.

Item Statistics

Selecting weapon perks and mods can alter the stats shown below.

Active Perks

Umbral SurgeThe first 3 Umbral Engrams decrypted each week award gear at higher Power.


Icon depicting Falling Guillotine.
Falling GuillotineSword, Legendary


Icon depicting Cold Denial.
Cold DenialPulse Rifle, Legendary
Icon depicting Falling Guillotine.
Falling GuillotineSword, Legendary
Icon depicting Envious Touch.
Envious TouchShader, Legendary
Icon depicting Dark Omolon.
Dark OmolonShader, Legendary
Icon depicting Echoes of Io.
Echoes of IoShader, Uncommon
Icon depicting Echoes of Io (Worn).
Echoes of Io (Worn)Shader, Uncommon
Icon depicting New Pacific Rush.
New Pacific RushShader, Uncommon
Icon depicting New Pacific Sink.
New Pacific SinkShader, Uncommon
Icon depicting Kairos Gold.
Kairos GoldShader, Legendary
Icon depicting Kairos Bronze.
Kairos BronzeShader, Legendary
Icon depicting Kairos Black.
Kairos BlackShader, Legendary
Icon depicting Arctic Dreamscape.
Arctic DreamscapeShader, Legendary
Icon depicting Bray Innovation.
Bray InnovationShader, Legendary
Icon depicting The Mad Monk.
The Mad MonkShader, Legendary

Version Log

Season 12Season of the Hunt
  • Deleted -
Season 11Season of Arrivals
  • Added -


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