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Expedited Expunge: Tartarus

A quick note: While this challenge is made significantly easier by purchasing upgrades such as Signal Booster and Wirewalker from the Splicer Servitor, I will not be using them throughout the guide as some players may not have them yet.

With a new Destiny weekly reset comes a new set of seasonal challenges, one of them being Expedited Expunge: Tartarus, which requires you to complete the new expunge variant on Europa in 6 minutes or less. While it may seem a bit daunting, this challenge is quite doable as long as you have the right approach. Also, you can attempt the mission as many times as you wish and you can restart at any given point. While it is not entirely necessary, a high mobility stat and movement-based exotics (St0mp-EE5, Lion Rampant, and Transversive Steps) will be quite helpful in speeding through the mission. I also suggest that you run the mission at least once to familiarize yourself with the layout and its surroundings. The mission does allow you to bring in two more guardians with you, but it can easily be completed solo.

In terms of weaponry, I recommend an aggressive frame sniper with vorpal weapon such as Occluded Finality or Frozen Orbit, along with Anarchy. While this loadout is optimal, it is by no means absolutely necessary. Feel free to use other special weapons, or a different heavy weapon. 

If you are on a Hunter, I recommend top tree Gunslinger for boss damage. Titans will benefit from the quick damage output of middle tree Striker. Warlocks can make great use of mobility perks such as Heat Rises and Icarus Dash from top tree Dawnblade. 

Open up Europa to select and load up the mission. As soon as you spawn in, run straight ahead to the entrance where a ‘hack’ prompt will appear.Once the door has been hacked, move forward and jump straight down. As soon as you land, crouch to squeeze ahead. This will lead you to a small slide that will propel you downward. Once you are on flat ground, the wall in front of you will be lighting green. Move forward and hug the left wall while taking a sharp left turn.

This will lead you to a small room where segments of the wall in front of you will continuously open and close. Be quick and jump in as soon as you see the wall opening. You will go down a few set of slides that will eventually drop you into a tight and greenly lit, triangle-shaped corridor.

There will be three barricades along the corridor that will continuously open and close. Make sure to avoid these barricades as being squished by them will push you in any given direction, immediately killing you. The end of the corridor will lead to another set of slides that will drop you into yet another triangle-shaped corridor. Make a full stop at the begging of the corridor and look up to your right. You will see a small opening on the wall that will allow you to jump up.

Follow the path until you see a green light shining down. Turn around and you will see two paths, one that goes up to the right and one that goes down through the middle. Take the path upward to the right. Push forward and you will soon see an orange light to your left. Make your way to the right and prepare for a big drop. Be careful not to hit the floating pieces of debris as they will affect your jump and momentum. There will be a skinny green ledge for you to land on.

As soon as you land, move forward and follow the green ledges along the walls. Watch out for several different sections of the wall that will stick out and attempt to push you off. Move carefully, but with haste. There will be a firewall slowing coming up behind you that will instantly kill you once it makes contact. However, it won’t catch up if you are quick enough. Reach the end and jump into the white portal. This will drop you into the next section.  Continue moving forward until you reach a big white wall with a conflux on the right-hand side. You will also notice a white cube floating near the conflux. Hack the conflux and stand at its location. Doing so will give you stacks of Stabilized Security Access (SSA), up to a max of 32. A full stack of SSA will last about 25 seconds before it fully diminishes, giving you time to move around and shoot the cubes as needed. You will use these stacks to shoot the cubes and take down the big white wall, giving you access forward. Jump to the platform in front of the conflux and quickly look behind you. There will be another white cube for you to shoot underneath where you were previously standing.

The white wall blocking your path will disappear, allowing you to proceed onto the next conflux. The same process follows for this section, though the area is a bit bigger with a few more cubes for you to shoot. Additionally, there will be several red firewalls that will cause damage if you touch them. Do your best to avoid them as you make your way through this area. As you’re hacking the conflux, you’ll notice a cube all the way at the end by the wall.

Shoot it from the conflux and make your way forward. There will be two more cubes for you to shoot. Stick to the right-hand side and look to the left side just before you reach the wall. One cube will be just below you and the other one high above. Shoot both and proceed to the next conflux. 

The next section will have five cubes for you to shoot. Here are the locations of all five cubes.Once you've shot the cubes, head to the right and hack the next conflux. Vex will begin to spawn as soon as you access this area, but the only important enemies here are the two Minotaurs. The rest of them can be ignored as long as you're at or above the recommended power level. The same process still applies here. Hack the conflux, gain stacks of SSA, shoot the cubes. However, this section will now require you to eliminate the Minotaurs before the cubes can be damaged. You should have a clear sight of the first minotaur on the right from the conflux.  Quickly kill him as soon as he spawns, hack the conflux, and destroy the cube on the right. Make sure you have enough stacks of SSA before making your way to the left-hand side. Quickly kill the minotaur and shoot the cube just above you on the left.Before you push forward, there will be another conflux to your immediate left. Hack the conflux, then shoot the cube high on the left near the white wall.

You should now be in the final area of the mission. Make your way to the conflux and hack it. This will spawn a detainment shield all around you. Shoot the shield anywhere to get rid of it. One/two sniper shots should quickly take care of it. Meanwhile, Dimio, Oppressive Mind will spawn in the middle platform. 

This is where the loadout I mentioned earlier really comes in handy. Stick two anarchy shots on the boss and snipe it a few times. This will very quickly send it into the first immune phase. In order to pass this immune phase, you must do something incredibly difficult, something that only the best of the best Destiny players can accomplish. 

You gotta shoot more cubes

Acquire stacks of SSA at the conflux that you initially hacked to begin the boss fight. There will be a cube on the right that will be slightly visible from the conflux and another one on the left behind a wall. Shoot both to damage the boss again.

Use a few more anarchy and sniper shots, or your super to send the boss into the final immune phase. The process is the same yet again, but remember those Minotaurs you saw earlier? They’re back, and so are the firewalls of death. The cubes will be in the same locations as before and the Minotaurs will spawn right underneath them. You know the deal. Gain stacks at the conflux, avoid the firewalls, shoot the Minotaurs, then shoot the cubes. This will make the boss vulnerable again. Unload everything into Dimio, the Oppressive Mind to finish the mission and complete the challenge.