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Expunge: Tartarus Time Trial Tips

Week 5 of Season of the Splicer has brought with it the expected third weekly Expunge mission. To accompany it, the Expedited Expunge: Tartarus Seasonal Challenge has left many hitting a roadblock. This challenge requires you to finish the mission in under 6 minutes, 4 minutes faster than the challenge from week 3. If you're struggling to get this done, there are a few tips and tricks that may help you finish this challenge and grab your rewards.

First, the easiest way to save time is not found in the mission but outside of it in the H.E.L.M. The tier two and three upgrades on the left column will be the biggest time save for most people, if you do not already have them. The tier two upgrade gives you access to extra gravity cannons that let you skip parts of the mission. The tier three upgrade also gives you the ability to skip a majority of the beginning section. These two things can save you a large amount of time if you've been cutting it close.

In addition to those, increasing your Deletion Exclusion to tier 3 also helps if you are having trouble with the red walls. This is particularly helpful in this version of Expunge, given that there is a very easy skip that you can do if you can survive the walls easily.

For your loadout, your best bet will be The Lament paired with your choice of a ranged DPS option. if you do not have Lament available, something like Anti-Barrier auto rifle, such as Season of the Chosen's Chroma rush should do you just fine. On top of having something for Anti-Barrier Champions and a ranged option for DPS, it is also nice to have a ranged weapon to take out the Vex boxes throughout the mission. Another solid option people might not think about is Sweet Business providing good range, easy damage for champions, and the ability to shoot through the boss's shield.

Once you are inside the mission, go through the entrance as fast as you can manage. The path should be the same every time. If you bought the wire walker upgrade (tier 3 left column), interact with the green node on the floor, right after the drop at the beginning. This will open a hole in the wall for you to walk through, skipping the mini maze at the beginning. 

When you make it into the open area, activate green node at the beginning to spawn extra platforms if you have the first left column upgrade. This will also activate the Gravity Cannons from the second upgrade. The first set of these will be ahead of you, on the left as you begin to approach the first wall. If you can take the cannons, do so to skip the first wall, if not scan the vex conflux up ahead and shoot the box on the wall, and below the platform that the conflux is on.

For the second set of boxes, start with the one right in the middle on the far wall, then make your way to the box you just shot and turn around. You should see the remaining two boxes, one behind one of the floors in the middle, and one behind a wall on the top right. If you run all the way to the wall that is blocking you, the red defense walls will spawn behind you, and you can safely shoot the boxes. For the third conflux, run to the middle platform in the back of the room. From there, you can see all 5 of the boxes, with the hardest one to see being under a platform on the left (now right if you are in the back). Be careful of the walls, you are not as safe here as you were in the last one.Now is time for the skip I mentioned earlier. If you can survive the walls, there is a straight path on the left that will take you past the next section. If not, jump into the larger section on the right. This section is smaller, containing the first barrier champion, two minotaurs, and some other smaller enemies. Kill the enemies to remove the shields on the boxes, then shoot them with the buff. If you're missing one, it's probably the one around the corner on the left. Before the boss, just kill the barrier champion, grab the buff, and shoot the box in the middle of the wall.In the boss fight, begin by scanning the conflux and damaging the boss. I would try and stay away from using Lament, as the boss can stomp you away, or if you deal too much damage, you can get stuck in his box when he goes immune, which will kill you. When you hit the immune phase, grab the buff from the plate and shoot the right box from the middle, then run to the back of the left side of the room to break that box. Only difference for the second phase is to kill the minotaurs before the boxes to open up the shields. After that, just kill the hydra, and you're done.

If you have any more questions, or want to see this done with the methods I described, here is a video of me completing this:

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