How To Complete The Fallen S.A.B.E.R. GM

The first of two Cosmodrome strikes has returned for the Season 15 Grandmaster Nightfall Strike Playlist. This time it will be important to equip some of the new Warmind Cell Artifact mods to take advantage of how easy enemy control can be when tackling end game content.  Arach-NO! - When defeated, Fallen Vandals spawn a web mine at their feet.

Champions: Overload - This mode contains Overload Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Overload mod.

Champions: Barrier - This mode contains Barrier Champions, which cannot be stopped without an Anti-Barrier mod.

Chaff - Radar is disabled.

Match Game - Enemy shields are highly resistant to all unmatched elemental damage.

Equipment Locked

Extinguish - If your Fireteam falls in a restricted zone, your team is returned to Orbit.

Limited Revives - Gain additional revives by defeating Champions.

Champions Mob - This mode contains additional Champions.

S.A.B.E.R. Protocol - Incoming Solar and Environmental damage increased.

Enemy Shield Types: Arc / Void 

Classes are not too important this week as this Grandmaster can be ran with a variety of strategies. Here are my strongest recommendations based on class Top Tree Void - Sixth Coyote 
Bottom Tree Void - Omnioculus 
Stasis Hunter - Mask of Bakris or Dragon's Shadow
Middle Tree Arc - Geomag Stabilizers
Stasis Warlock - Bleaker Turret 

Middle Tree Void - Ursa Furiosa 
Bottom Tree Solar - Phoenix Cradle 

Anarchy - Anarchy is once again the go to for Champion Damage and Boss DPS. It is extremely easy to stick onto enemies and use cover as it ticks down the health of your foes. 

Eriana's Vow - This is the closest we can get to Anti Barrier Sniper as Eriana's does a fantastic job at tanking down Barrier Champion shields. If you feel your team is struggling with a double primary season, Eriana's does a great job at eliminating those pesky shields. 

Seventh Seraph / IKELOS weapons - I am going to take a moment again to stress that this is a great season to be running Seventh Seraph and IKELOS weapons as Warmind Cell mods are in the best place they have ever been this season. The Hand Cannon and either SMG are great options for Overload weapons during this GM where you can rely on consistent damage as well as a great chance at Warmind Cell generation. 

For your armor I recommend having Anti Barrier Scout Rifle and Overload Hand Cannon. Both of these mods are the best in their category especially when combined with the weapons mentioned above.

Sniper Resistance and Concussive Dampener will be effective for the boss fight and Warsat area. 

Rage of the Warmind and Warmind's Decree will be beneficial for clearing out smaller enemies when you are starting to get overwhelmed during fights.

Global Reach is extremely useful to make your Warmind Cells explosion radius larger. 

Hop on your Sparrow throught the Forgotten Shore and straight into the The Grottos. As long as you hang left you should avoid any enemies in the overworld that can give you any trouble. 

Similar to Glassway, this strike features a "Defend" mechanic. You are able to control the Enemy spawns in this strike as well by adhering to the following percentages: 

1% First Ship Wave / 17% Enemies / 23% Enemies / 34% Overload Captain / 42% Second Ship Wave / 55% Barrier Servitor / 63% Enemies / 70% Third Ship Wave / 75% Overload Captain 

If you start this scan head to the top of the hill and defend against the enemies as one person continues to run down to the Warsat and progress the scan. 

Once you reach the second ship wave switch to defending from the beach and fight back to the top of the hill once you see the third ship wave inbound. 

Each time you are met with a new Fallen Ship make sure you focus on destroying the turret on the front of the Skiff as it will keep your team from being obliterated unexpectedly. I recommend utilizing the Ursa shield to defend while your team takes down the Skiff Turrets. 

Make sure all of your Supers are charged before entering into the Bunker. 

If you have a Hunter have them place their Tether or Stasis in the middle of the room, preferably on the pillar. After the Hunter Super has landed, utilize the Chaos Reach to clear all of the small enemies, try not to waste the Chaos Reach on any of the Champions. Once the Chaos Reach runs out have the Ursa Titan pop to allow for a safe area to retreat to and to protect against snipers. When a teammember is not using their Super, they should be placing Anarchy on hallways and trying to eliminate Snipers in the back. 

Once ONE Champion is defeated it will spawn the next wave of enemies which will consist of One more Overload Champion and Four Tracer Shanks. Take care of the Shanks quickly and then keep eliminate the Overload Champion. 

If you execute this next phase precisely you will have little to no work to do to progress to the next phase. 

This next phase will start once you open the Vent Cover and shoot the fuse in the grate. There is a chance that the phase will start before you can shoot the fuse but this seems to only be caused by if any Supers or Grenades have destroyed the fuse during your last fight as it can be damaged before the grate is even open. The Titan will be the best character to destroy the fuse as they can pop their shield for safety if needed. 

Have your Hunter and Warlock head out of the Bunker, make sure they are waiting in the rocky area before the tight hallway that leads into the Bunker. Once this next phase starts the Hunter and Warlock should stun the two Overload Champions that spawn in the Hallway while the Warlock Chaos Reaches them down to death. If executed correctly the Champions should instant melt and you should be left with only a small group of enemies inside the Bunker. 

This part of the strike may seem like a pain but trust me it is very doable. 

Make sure to take down the two shanks at the back of the electric field before continuing through this section. Two teammates should stay behind while your most agile fireteam member weaves through the electric stream to get to the orb. 

The key with this section is to not stop moving. Pull the orb and immediately follow the closest arc current the best you can by running and activating your slide. If you chain the slides correctly you will by pass the enemies and make it to the dunk location without any deaths. 

As the doors open throw the Hunter super into the middle of the room or enter behind your Titan's Bannershield. Have the Chaos Reach eliminate all the small enemies while any fireteam member that isn't in their super focuses on the Overload. 

If you contained this room correctly you should be able to push to the back where the enemies are coming in from. Here you can lay down fields of Anarchy and take down the Champions as they come in one by one. 

Take out the Barrier Servitor from as far back as you possibly can. Make sure you utilize your cover as it will be providing protection to the sniping Vandals in the back. 

Push up once the enemies are cleared on top of the platform where the Barrier Servitor was and begin throwing your grenades on top of the overload Champion. Your goal here will be to keep the three Champions on top of each other so you can melt / finish them in quick succession. 

Jump through the grate and avoid the incline as the slide will still potentially wipe your team in this reprised boss fight. 

This boss fight is one of the easiest of the Season as it provides a quick moment of rest between the different boss phases. 

Clear out the Servitors and Shanks and prepare as S.A.B.E.R.-2 will come up from the middle of the arena.

When the boss is visible utilize all of your grenades and place two Anarchy bolts each on the Boss. You should not use any Supers here as you focus the Boss's crit points which are the front two thrusters on its body, similar to Taniks from the Deep Stone Crypt final fight. 

Once the Boss goes immune hug against the left platform on top of the stairs to the left. As long as you can not see the Boss, it can not see you. 

Clear out any remaining shanks and repeat these steps once your team has their grenade energy back. 

Once you have cleared out the enemies for a second time prepare for the final phase as you will be taking down the equivalent of two health sections with this final phase. 

Start the Boss phase and immediately begin melting the Boss with every damaging super you have. Your Titan should save their Bannershield for a worse case situation and only use it if anyone needs a revive. As long as you place everything you have on the Boss it should melt instantly and if not continue placing Anarchy while your team all fights from a separate section of the Boss Room. 

The Boss should go down fairly quickly but make sure it does not get close to you as the stomp attack will be an instant death. 

Have any questions about running or need help? Let me know in the comments or @Suttledge on Twitter.

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