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Dunemarchers (Exotic)
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Learn Lowmans: 2 Man Taniks

One titan and one warlock is the best composition.


The stasis subclass provides much needed versatility using different stasis abilities which can bypass some mechanics of the encounter.  Bubble (top tree void) would normally be nice here, but you can not afford to use it because of how necessary the titan stasis abilities are.


The titan should run double slugs (Heritage and First in Last out), along with Tractor as the main heavy weapon. It is also best to have Anarchyin your inventory, ready to be swapped to when necessary.


Dunemarchers is the exotic armor that should be worn considering it has fantastic enemy clearing capabilities, and you do not have good weapons equipped for clearing large groups of enemies.


Use double shotgun ammo finder and double shotgun scavengermods, as you are running three shotguns as your loadout, and will have very little ammo after the first damage phase. Powerful friends is a nice mod here as it is a large boost to your mobility. Protective Light can come in handy here as well, though it is not too important. Applicable seasonal mods can also be very useful. Onetwofinisher can save a run if you accidently use your stasis melee ability and need it back before it would naturally refresh.


It is best to run middle tree solar, Well of Radiance. This is because having a Well during the damage phase is very crucial to getting good damage.


Use heritage and Ik , along with . Make sure to have  in your inventory, ready to be swapped to when necessary.


It is most important that you use lunafaction because the added range they give is absolutely necessary to hit good damage with shotguns on Taniks. If you want, you can run a different exotic likes or until damage phase, then just swap back to Lunafactions right before. But it is absolutely essential that you currently have Lunafactions on during each damage phase.


Make sure to use double s and double s because you will need as much special as possible, considering that you are switching back and forth between an smg and a shotgun, losing lots of ammo in the process. It is very important that you do 2 (or 3 based on your intellect) finishers using special finishers right when the encounter starts to create more special ammo for yourself and your teammate. Both s and a can be useful here, for the same reasons as previously mentioned. Applicable seasonal mods can also be useful.

For both classes, note:

Both players should be using andon their chest armor as they make a very noticeable difference. It is very important to have high mobility, preferably 100. It is also nice to have 100 recovery, but is not required for the encounter, as mobility takes precedence here. Make sure to have snipers in your inventory ready to be hot-swapped to (at the start of final stand). Some good snipers are:

At the start of the encounter, the warlock will start at spawn to do 2 or 3 special finishers, and the titan will do 1 special finisher. It is best to do them in the spawn-doorway close to where you wait for damage to start, as you want them to be easily accessible. After this, the warlock will head over to the orange side to kill the enemies and pick up the suppressor buff.

The titan will start at blue to clear the enemies there. Once he has scanner, he will head over to spawn to kill the remaining enemies and captain.

NOTE: At the spawn and orange side, theThe augmented vandals do not spawn if you do not kill the captains first.

At this point, Taniks will have moved to a side and will very soon start his mechanic. When you see the first "purple rain", make sure to count them.  You have until the 7th one to break two of the bombs. Use this time to make sure both players are ready to break their side. Make sure that the titan has scanned and you both know where to go. Now, It is very important that both bombs break at the same time, and this will take practice and coordination with your partner to get down.

After both bombs are broken, the warlock will head to a side to get ready to suppress. The titan will position himself to do his stasis melee ability. Taniks will never detain the suppressor, so he will always detain the titan right here. The way to avoid being detained is using the melee ability on stasis. The moment Taniks starts his animation where he raises his arm into the air, press and hold your melee ability and it will break out of the detain.

As long as you start your melee ability anytime between pictures #2-4, and continue to hold, it will break out of the detain.

After you break out of the detainment, immediately shoot the boss with Tractor Cannon for a buff called "The Scientific Method" which will give you five seconds of increased speed. This is very important.  Now pick up the bomb farthest from whichever side the warlock is on and head to the closest bomb location.

During this time, the Warlock is standing inside one of the suppressing spots waiting for Taniks to turn blue . The moment he turns blue, shoot him with your smg to suppress him there, then start running towards Taniks to go pick up the other bomb that the titan did not pick up. However, right before you pick it up, shoot Taniks with an Anarchy shot. Once you pick up the bomb, simply run through the other two suppressor spots and Anarchy will suppress him while you are holding the bomb. Once he is successfully suppressed, head to the middle. 

Note: Sometimes, Taniks will turn blue very late. This is RNG. If he turns blue late, it can be very fatal to the run and can cause a wipe, and sometimes there is nothing you can do to save it. However there are varying late times, and some of them you can save. Having the suppressor launch into the raid (from orbit) can help make this problem happen less often. Another glitch is that sometimes Anarchy will stop ticking and you wont get the full suppress. There is nothing you can do to help avoid that.

The titan will have dunked by now and will be currently heading to meet the warlock, who will be reaching high radiation. Make sure that the titan Tractor Cannons a nearby enemy after he dunks the first bomb for another speed boost so he can get to the warlock faster. The titan should slide while picking up the bomb from the warlock to activate Cryoclasm which is another important method to cover more ground. Both teammates will have pretty high radiation at this point, and they need to dunk the second bomb before they both reach nine radiation, or one of them reaches ten. If necessary, juggle the bomb between each person to avoid a death. If you did all this efficiently, both players should be sitting at about 7-8 radiation.

After the suppressor fully suppresses Taniks, one of the two players will be deactivated. It is very important that they dunk their deactivated augment into the terminal as fast as possible, as there is a 45 second augment lockout. If you do nothing, Taniks will start the phase before you can get the augment back and it is a wipe. However, you can actually delay Taniks by using stasis crystals. It is at this point that the titan pops their super and delays.

You have to watch Taniks carefully and see where he is going. The moment you know, get over there as fast as you can and start slamming stasis crystals into the area he would normally go. 

Note: if scanner is not deactivated, you can normally use that to see where he will go ahead of time. For example, if you just finished a round and he is currently at orange but about to head to spawn or blue, look for a yellow box. If a box at spawn is yellow, you know he is going to blue, and vice versa.

For all of the delay spots, slam stasis crystals slightly to the left, middle, and right area where Taniks would normally go. Just slam away until your super runs out. Make sure not to start the delay too late because if you are not there on time, the delay will not work.

After a successful delay, not only will your radiation be much lower (sitting at 0-3), but you will be able to pick up your augment in time. Generally, you should be picking up your augment right as the purple rain starts. it is at this point you should always delay until the 6th purple rain because your radiation is a little higher than previously and you need to give it as much time as possible to go down.Now you rinse and repeat everything that you just did. Your radiation may be tight in the end, but every spot relative to every other spot is possible and consistently doable with enough practice and efficient execution.

After you dunk the fourth bomb, it will be damage very soon. Make sure that whoever got deactivated dunks their augment. The warlock will switch off his Ikelos smg to First In Last Out, make sure to have Lunas on, and look for some special ammo. The titan will quick melee some enemies at spawn to proc Dunemarchers to clear all the ads, and refresh his ammo. If the titan forgets to melee the enemies, you will be flinched heavily during damage and that is not good. If someone can not find any ammo, dip into your special finisher stash in the area where the warlock did them.

Once damage phase starts, jump in and start double slug quick-swapping Taniks head. Now, the crit spot is very finicky. You should aim for the top half of his head. If you hit his lower half around his chin area, it will not be a full crit and costs about half the damage. The warlock should shoot two anarchy shots then double slug quick-swap. The titan should shoot one Tractor shot to debuff him then double slug quick-swap as well. The Tractor debuff will barely run out before the end of the first part of the two part damage phase, so if you want you can shoot another Tractor shot. Once you see a white aura emit inwards towards taniks, stop shooting and prepare to melee him. Another way to notice is if your shots are immune all of a sudden. Watch Taniks because he will do a stomp animation that will normally launch you out. However if you melee him right after his stomp hits the ground, it will avoid launching you back. You can then continue damage phase until it is over.

During damage, you should keep a watch on your health. If you start taking some damage, you are most likely standing in the front shock field. It slowly does more damage the longer you stand in it and can kill you even when you are standing in the Well of Radiance. If you are in it, step back and continue hot swapping. Your shots should be doing anywhere from 45,000 damage, to 50,000 on average. If they hit for 30,000, then you are either missing your head shots, or the Tractor debuff is down.

Note: after the third phase, he will automatically go into final stand so make sure you're on top of damage.

After the damage phase is fully done, switch your weapons/armor around back to your original loadout. There will be enemies and captains everywhere. Try to take care of them as they can become a problem, and make sure that whoever was deactivated picks up their augment. At this point, it is the next phase, and you've successfully completed the first one. Now, rinse and repeat everything until it is final stand. 

The damage required in final stand can be very tight with Taniks constantly teleporting around the map, so the solution to this is to switch to snipers the moment final stand begins. Succession + Adored, or Supremacy + Adored works best. The titan will switch off of Tractor Cannon to Anarchy. 

Try to shoot two Anarchy shots at the start of every teleport and snipe him in the head until he teleports to the next spot, then repeat. If you both do this well, he will die within a few teleports.

After you kill him, Congratulations! You just completed 2 man Taniks. 

A few extra notes:

If the titan accidently uses his melee ability right after he did a stasis delay but before the second bomb phase, he will not be able to do a finisher to get his melee ability because he wont have enough super energy. At this point, he can switch to worldlinebecause its heavy ability can also escape the detainment. But keep in mind the worldline timing is a little tighter than the stasis melee timing. However, if he is usingand has the aspect active, he can also just throw a grenade and slide through it to get his melee back.

The titan can runand at the start of a damage phase, throw a aat Taniks to give a large increase in weapon stability and aim assist, which can make his hotswaps much cleaner and in the end, do more damage. If he likes doing this, he can even runand have a grenade for each of the two damage cycles in a phase. However he will need to use an smg as he won't be using Dunemarchers anymore. You can not just switch between the two armor pieces because the second grenade needs time to charge up.

The warlock should always save his healing grenade for the titan specifically after the bomb is taken from the warlock. This is because the titan likely did not regenerate health from the enemies surrounding him from the first bomb he dunked. If he is in mid-critical health when he takes the bomb from the warlock, he will die trying to dunk without the healing grenade.

Both players should always rally on a chest armor with doubleshotfgunreservsthen switch to a different chest armor with their normal set up. When you switch chest armors, it still keeps that reserve ammo. If you don't do it, you are essentially wasting free special ammo.

It is important for the titan to keep an eye on heavy drops around the map, and try to save one near spawn. When he switches off of Tractor Cannon to Anarchy at the start of final stand, he loses a large chunk of ammo and will not have enough if he doesn't pick up at least one heavy brick.

It can help if both players switch to gauntlets with double dex and a helmet with double shot right before the damage phases to help your double shotgun quick-swaps be quicker and more accurate which will help do more overall damage.

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