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Vault of Glass Complete Raid Guide

Vault of Glass was the first ever Destiny raid and it has now made it’s triumphant return in Destiny 2. If you are looking to take down Aetheon and get some of the best loot in the game here is your guide for an easy completion!To being your journey into the Vault you will first need to open the vault doors. To do this, split your team into three teams of two Guardians.

Each team will head to a capture plate and activate it. Your goal here will be to defend the capture plate while Vex reinforcements come to take it back. After you have defended all three plates from enough waves a large spire will begin to form in the middle of the map equidistant to all three plates. When you have defended from enough waves the spire will be fully formed and will unlock the vault door.

Make sure you have good enemy clearing loadouts on as this will be a good place to practice this mechanic that will pop up regularly throughout the raid. 

Like mentioned, defending Confluxes is a recurring mechanic in this raid and this first encounter is exactly that. Reassemble your three teams of two and split off to defend the left, right, and middle areas of the map. Make sure every team member has an Overload Weapon equipped and a good strategic weapon like Witherhoard or Anarchy.

During this fight you will want to make sure you avoid the residue Fanatic enemies will leave behind when they are killed. If you happen to walk into the residue you will be marked with a buff called Marked For Negation. To remove this debuff you will need to jump in the well at the bottom of the stairs before you are killed by the mark.

When the encounter starts, only the middle conflux will need to be defended. The most important part here will be to control the enemies coming from the middle and to immediately melt the Wyverns before they charge to sacrifice on the conflux.

After enough time the middle conflux will disappear and one on the left and right will spawn. These two will need to be defended simultaneously while the middle team continues to destroy enemies coming up from the middle of the room.

When both confluxes have been protected for enough time the final wave will begin where now all three confluxes will need to be protected at once. Ensure your teams keep as many enemies away as possible while they are defending and after all Wyverns and Overload Minotaurs have been defeated the encounter will complete.

Possible Rewards- ‘Vision of Confluence’ Scout Rifle, ‘Corrective Measure’ Machine Gun, ‘Found Verdict’ Shotgun, Class Item Armor, Arms Armor

Before this encounter begins have your team get familiar with this map from @AntiSherpaClub on Twitter.

This map shows where Oracles will be spawning throughout this encounter. You will need to have a fireteam member on each location while one person will need to watch out for two. My best advice is to have someone stand on the corner between Left Stairs and Middle as they will be able to see both locations while everyone else just needs to focus on one.

The way Oracles work is they will begin spawning to chimes. Once you hear the first chime begin checking your area for the big white glowing Oracle. If you happen to see an Oracle you will need to pay attention to which chime that Oracle spawned in on.

For Example: An Oracle that spawns in on the first chime is first, An Oracle that spawns in on the second chime is second, and so on and so forth.

The Oracles will demo their spawn pattern twice and after which will become damageable when they all appear at once. When all Oracles have spawned, break them in the order they came in at. Make sure as a team you communicate what Oracle you have in the rotation and when you break it call it out so the next fireteam member knows when to break theirs.

The waves will go as so:

3 Oracles

4 Oracles

5 Oracles

6 Oracles

7 Oracles

After the final wave of Oracles has been defeated, the encounter will end and your loot will reign down.

If at any point your team shoots the Oracles out of order you will be marked with the same debuff of Marked For Negation like the last encounter. To cleanse this the whole team will need to jump into the cleanse well at the same exact time. If anyone does it too early it will use up the well and the rest of the team will die to the debuff. If you do manage to save your wave with this mechanic, know that the Oracles will spawn in the same order.

Weapons such as Xenophage and Slug Shotguns will one shot the Oracles but make sure you have a long range weapon to deal with the pesky sniping Hobgoblins.

Possible Rewards - ‘Vision of Confluence’ Scout Rifle, ‘Found Verdict’ Shotgun, ‘Praedyth’s Revenge’ Sniper Rifle, Arms Armor, Leg Armor

Now comes the time to take on the Templar, the first official boss of the Vault of Glass. You will notice that in the negation cleanse well there is now a floating diamond referred to as “The Relic”

One fireteam member will need to be designated as the Relic holder for this encounter. The Relic has a light attack, a grand slam attack (activated by the heavy attack button in the airc), a Cleanse ability (activated with the block button), and a Super attack.

The encounter will start once the Relic holder picks up the Relic so before doing so put your fireteam back in the positions they were for the Oracle Encounter.

Like the previous encounter, three Oracles will originally spawn as the first mechanic of this fight. Pay attention to their spawn and then break them immediately.

After the Oracles are finished, gather your fireteam together and have the Relic holder use their super to break the shield on the Templar which will allow it to become damageable by the rest of the fireteam.

To do maximum damage I recommend Slug Shotguns and Anarchy. This boss is not a particularly beefy one so really any high damaging weapons will do the trick.

During the damage phase the boss will randomly detain one team member in a bubble, you will need to shoot them out before they are killed as they will not be able to break themselves out.

The Relic holder has the ability to extend the damage phase by locating where the Templar will teleport to next and stopping it from doing so. To do this, look for the floating ring with a line in that will spawn in close proximity to the boss. Jump inside that ring and remain in there until it disappears.

You can stop the teleport as many times as you would like, but if you take too long to kill the boss just know more Oracles will begin spawning. For less experienced teams, I recommend only stopping the teleport twice per damage phase so everyone has enough time to get back in position for Oracles.

Once you have defeated the Templar the encounter will end and your loot will be ready to be claimed.

Possible Rewards - ‘Vision of Confluence’ Scout Rifle, ‘Corrective Measure’ Machine Gun, ‘Fatebringer’ Hand Cannon, Arms Armor, Chest Armor.

To leave this area you have two options, you can go through the large doors at the front of the arena, or there is a secret cubby on the left wall of the arena you can go through. Either way will carry you to the next arena as you stumble through platforms and darkness down to the Labyrinth.

This encounter will work like a stealth mission where if you come within roughly 20m of a Gorgon you will be spotted and wiped.

Follow the map I shared below from Reddit User u/Rastysaurus. This will provide you will all the pathing you will need to get through the Labyrinth. Make sure to utilize Hunter Invisiblity to ensure your team can get through with no problems. 

Note: During this section you do have the option the shoot the highlighted Vex Cubes to open a Bonus Chest marked on this map as Chest #2. This is optional and will not give any new gear but will allow for you to have a rally flag. 

Once you are through the initial Labyrinth you will follow the path until you come to a large open area with disappearing platforms. You do have the option to hop on these platforms and follow their path to get to the otherside. However if you are a Warlock, top tree Dawnblade will get you across easily as will Thundercrash Titan.

If you are a Hunter, equip your Stomp-ees Exotic and take the path to the right till you reach a Vex plate. From here you can jump across with Triple Jump, make sure to use your last jump with enough time to where you won’t die to fall damage.

Once your entire team converges on the final doorway, you will be granted passage to the throne of Atheon.

This encounter is one of the more involved encounters and will require your team to have great communication skills.

The setup of this room is one portal on the left and one on the right. You will split your team into two teams of three and have one person on each team be the Defender of the team.

Start the encounter by killing the Gatekeeper, the floating Hydra, in the middle of the area and send one person to go pick up the Relic it drops.

Activate the two plates in front of the two portals by controlling the plate until the Vex gate fully activates. Once activated send your Defenders through the portals. For callouts most people refer to the left portal as Red/Mars/Past and the right portal as Green/Venus/Future. Any of these will work but find out what works best for your team.

The Defenders will now be responsible for defending the conflux from Vex on their way to sacrifice on the conflux. After a few small waves of enemies the Defenders will be met with a Wyvern or a Praetorian.

If a Defender has a Praetorian spawn they will need the Relic holder to come through their portal and use any of the Relic’s attacks to break the shield off the Praetorian rendering it susceptible to regular damage. It is important to note that if one Defender gets a Praetorian the other Defender will immediately have a Wyvern spawn on their side.

The Relic holder that came through the portal will now need to give the shield to the Defender to take back through the portal, essentially these two players will be switching roles. If at any point you go through the portal with the Relic you will be marked with a debuff that will prohibit you from teleporting for 35 seconds. The Relic will then be given to another player to take through to the other portal as you can assume whichever side got a Wyvern spawn will have a Praetorian almost immediately after.

Use this round-robin like system to continue to pass the shield from player-to-player until enough Praetorians have been slain and a message pops on the left side of your screen saying a new conflux has spawned in the middle of the map.

All players will need to return to the middle of the map now to defend this new middle conflux from waves of Praetorians and Wyverns. Once three of each has been defeated, the encounter will end.

Possible Rewards - ‘Fatebringer’ Hand Cannon, ‘Found Verdict’ Shotgun, ‘Hezen Vengeance’ Rocket Launcher, Legs Armor, Helmet Armor

Congratulations on making it to the final encounter of the Vault of Glass. Atheon will be your final fight and will be a culmination of many mechanics you have learned across the raid.

The basis of this encounter will be you and your team fighting off waves of Harpies until Atheon randomly selects three of you to teleport to either the past or future.

If you are on the team that gets teleported you will be responsible for shooting Oracles in the order given by the team that didn’t get teleported. One of you will also need to grab the Relic and use its cleansing feature to remove the “Marked by the Void” debuff or else you and your teammates will lose your vision. The button to use the cleanse ability will be the same one as your block button with a Sword.

If you are on the team that didn’t get teleported you will be referred to as the “Present” team. Your goal will be to watch for the Oracle spawns and give the necessary callouts to those that were teleported so they can break them correctly. You will also need to ask them which area they were teleported to so you can open the correct portal so they can return to the present after three waves of Oracles have been destroyed.

Once the last wave of Oracles has been destroyed you will see a text pop up on the left of your screen that says “Guardians Make Their Own Fate”, this will be the signal that the damage phase has started. Have everyone return to the present and converge on the floating platform in front of Atheon and do as much damage as you can with your Supers, Grenades and weapons.

It is important to point out that during the damage phase your Supers and Grenades will recharge very rapidly so always prioritize using those over any weapon.

Towards the end of the damage phase one person will randomly be marked with a “Imminent Detain” debuff which will trap them in a Vex Detain Bubble. Make sure whoever gets marked by this debuff moves far away from the rest of the team before it goes off or else they can trap the whole team and cause a wipe.

Below I have attached a map that my team uses for call outs, as with any encounter there are multiple versions you can use. Find what works best for your team and call it out.

Once you have slain Atheon, claim the stairs of the throne and claim your loot.

Possible Rewards - ‘Praedyth’s Revenge’ Sniper Rifle, ‘Corrective Measure’ Machine Gun, ‘Hezen Vengeance’ Rocket Launcher, Helmet Armor, Chest Armor, ‘Vex Mythoclast’ Exotic Fusion Rifle.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read the guide and I hope it helps. If you have any questions or need more help feel free to swing by my Twitter or Twitch page for more help!