TypeKillsPrecision KillsAccuracyMedals
Auto Rifle13,4876,97551.7%972
Hand Cannon8,9424,83854.1%1,042
Super Kills7,890100.1%
Fusion Rifle4,48600.0%483
Melee Kills3,88300.0%
Pulse Rifle2,0911,09752.5%185
Sniper Rifle1,41985460.2%
Grenade Kills1,03300.0%
Submachine Gun50520340.2%65
Grenade Launcher Kills37300.0%26
Machine Gun36418751.4%16
Rocket Launcher14200.0%17
Trace Rifle282071.4%
Scout Rifle7114.3%0
Ability Kills5
Beam Rifle000.0%


Double Play4,451 (1.00 PGA)Rapidly defeat 2 opposing Guardians.
Triple Play506 (0.11 PGA)Rapidly defeat 3 opposing Guardians.
Lights Out71 (0.02 PGA)Rapidly defeat 4 opposing Guardians.
Annihilation205 (0.05 PGA)Land final blows on the entire enemy team before any of them respawn.
Combined Fire3,546 (0.80 PGA)In a single life, defeat 3 opposing Guardians while assisting or assisted by your teammates.
Ruthless3,857 (0.87 PGA)In a single life, defeat 5 opposing Guardians.
Unyielding697 (0.16 PGA)In a single life, defeat 10 opposing Guardians.
Wrecking Crew1,452 (0.33 PGA)As a team, defeat 7 opposing Guardians without any of your team dying.
Shutdown2,803 (0.63 PGA)Shut down an opponent's streak.
We Ran Out of Medals54 (0.01 PGA)In a single life, defeat 20 opposing Guardians
Best Served Cold7,196 (1.62 PGA)Land the final blow on the Guardian who last defeated you.
Blood For Blood7,962 (1.79 PGA)Defeat an opponent who just defeated an ally.
Quick Strike449 (0.10 PGA)Defeat an opponent within the first 20 seconds of a match.
Not on My Watch4,372 (0.98 PGA)Land a final blow on an opponent who has damaged an ally.
Dodge This700 (0.16 PGA)Defeat a Hunter attempting to dodge.
Barricade Breaker253 (0.06 PGA)Defeat a Titan within 3 seconds of their deploying a Barricade.
Rift Breaker504 (0.11 PGA)Defeat a Warlock while they are within their active Rift.
The Cycle60 (0.01 PGA)In a single match, land at least one final blow with each class of weapon (Kinetic, Energy, Power) and ability (Melee, Grenade, Super).
Not So Fast, My Friend372 (0.08 PGA)Defeat an opposing Guardian using your Super while their Super is active.
Never In Doubt551 (0.12 PGA)Win a match in which your team never trailed.
From the Jaws of Defeat24 (0.01 PGA)Win a match after having trailed by a significant margin.
Time and a Half29 (0.01 PGA)Win a match in overtime.
Crushed Them617 (0.14 PGA)Win a match with a large margin of victory.
Fight Me!688 (0.15 PGA)Deal the most total damage to opponents in a single match.
Undefeated24 (0.01 PGA)Complete a match in which you are never defeated by an opponent.
Falling Star0 (0.00 PGA)Defeat an opponent with Phoenix Dive while Daybreak is active.
Defying Gravity1 (0.00 PGA)In a single Daybreak activation, defeat two or more opponents without touching the ground.
Singularity0 (0.00 PGA)Defeat an opponent with a Nova Bomb Vortex.
From Downtown0 (0.00 PGA)Defeat two or more opponents with a Nova Bomb that was in the air for at least 5 seconds.
Thunderstruck0 (0.00 PGA)Defeat an opponent with Landfall while casting Stormtrance.
Lightning Storm0 (0.00 PGA)Defeat two or more opponents in a single Stormtrance activation.
Lightning Strike104 (0.02 PGA)Defeat an opponent within 3 seconds of activating Arc Staff.
Hurricane39 (0.01 PGA)Defeat 3 opponents in a single Arc Staff activation.
Lethal Instinct25 (0.01 PGA)Defeat an opponent within 2 seconds of activating Golden Gun.
Handful of Bullets7 (0.00 PGA)Defeat 3 opponents in a single Golden Gun activation.
Entangled60 (0.01 PGA)Defeat a tethered opponent within 5 seconds of casting Shadowshot.
Longbow3 (0.00 PGA)Defeat an opponent with Shadowshot at a distance greater than 30 meters.
Perfect Guard15 (0.00 PGA)Block fatal damage within 2 seconds of activating Ward of Dawn.
Flying Fortress6 (0.00 PGA)Defeat an opponent with a Shield Bash within 3 seconds of defeating an opponent with a Sentinel Shield melee.
Absolute Force34 (0.01 PGA)Defeat two or more opponents in a single Fists of Havoc slam.
Striker Special15 (0.00 PGA)In a single activation, defeat two opponents with Shoulder Charge, then a third with Fists of Havoc.
Pitch Perfect5 (0.00 PGA)Defeat an opponent with Hammer of Sol at a distance greater than 30 meters.
Everything Looks Like a Nail55 (0.01 PGA)Defeat three opponents within a single Hammer of Sol activation.
Assault Specialist972 (0.22 PGA)In a single match, defeat 7 opponents with Auto Rifle final blows.
Lethal Cadence185 (0.04 PGA)In a single match, defeat 7 opponents with Pulse Rifle final blows.
Field Scout0 (0.00 PGA)In a single match, defeat 5 opponents at long range with Scout Rifle final blows.
Hawkeye1,042 (0.23 PGA)In a single life, defeat two opponents with precision Hand Cannon final blows.
Sub Machinist65 (0.01 PGA)In a single life, defeat 2 opponents with Submachine Gun final blows.
One for Each of You0 (0.00 PGA)Deliver a final blow with a Sidearm within 5 seconds of landing a final blow with any other weapon.
Mission Control10 (0.00 PGA)Defeat two opponents with long range, precision Sniper Rifle final blows without switching weapons or reloading.
Cold Fusion483 (0.11 PGA)In a single life, defeat two opponents with a Fusion Rifle.
Splash Damage17 (0.00 PGA)Defeat two or more opponents with a single rocket.
Calculated Trajectory26 (0.01 PGA)In a single life, defeat three opponents with Grenade Launcher final blows.
Close Encounters209 (0.05 PGA)Defeat two opponents at close range with a Shotgun without switching weapons or reloading.
Regent27 (0.01 PGA)Defeat two opponents with a sword without switching weapons.
Counter Attack0 (0.00 PGA)Countdown: Defeat an opponent within 5 seconds of them setting a charge.
Pyrotechnics0 (0.00 PGA)Countdown: Set a charge that successfully detonates.
Bombs? What Bombs?0 (0.00 PGA)Countdown: Defuse multiple charges in a single match.
Last Stand0 (0.00 PGA)Countdown: Defuse the charge as the last Guardian standing.
The Gang's All Here0 (0.00 PGA)Countdown: Win a round with your entire team alive.
Perfect Game0 (0.00 PGA)Countdown: Win a Countdown match in which your opponent never scores and never sets a charge.
Lone Gun109 (0.02 PGA)Survival: Win a round as the last surviving Guardian on your team.
Survivor930 (0.21 PGA)Survival: Win a round without being defeated.
Minute to Win It146 (0.03 PGA)Survival: As a team, win a round within 1 minute.
Undertaker197 (0.04 PGA)Survival: Land all knockout blows on the opposing team in a single round.
According to Plan7 (0.00 PGA)Survival: Win a round despite being scoreless on Match Point.
Untouchable0 (0.00 PGA)Survival: Win a match where no one on your team is defeated across all rounds.
I Live Here Now0 (0.00 PGA)Control: Hold two or more zones for at least 1 minute.
Reclaimer380 (0.09 PGA)Control: Recapture a zone within 15 seconds of it being captured by your opponents.
Flagbearer562 (0.13 PGA)Control: Complete a Control match with the most combined Advantage and Power Play kills.
Dominant Advantage960 (0.22 PGA)Control: Score five Advantage or Power Play kills before the opponent recaptures a zone.
Power Overwhelming183 (0.04 PGA)Control: As a team, defeat all opposing Guardians at least once during a single Power Play.
First Secure0 (0.00 PGA)Supremacy: Secure the first crest in a match.
Safe and Secured4 (0.00 PGA)Supremacy: Secure three opposing crests in a single life.
Steadfast Ally1 (0.00 PGA)Supremacy: Recover three allied crests in a single life.
My Crest is My Own0 (0.00 PGA)Supremacy: Complete a match in which your crest is never collected by an opponent.
Crestfallen1 (0.00 PGA)Supremacy: In a single life, create five consecutive crests that are secured by your teammates.
A Crown of Crests0 (0.00 PGA)Supremacy: Complete a match with the most crests created and a 100% secure rate.
Unknown Medals750 (0.17 PGA)
Light 'Em Up0 (0.00 PGA)Mayhem: Cast the first Super of the match.
Fire in the Hole!0 (0.00 PGA)Mayhem: In a single life, land five grenade final blows.
Punch and Pie0 (0.00 PGA)Mayhem: In a single life, land three melee final blows.
Superstar0 (0.00 PGA)Mayhem: In a single life, cast three Supers.
By Our Powers Combined…0 (0.00 PGA)Mayhem: As a team, rapidly cast all of your Supers.
Total Mayhem0 (0.00 PGA)Mayhem: As a team, land 10 Super final blows without anyone on your team being defeated.
Polyarmory0 (0.00 PGA)Crimson Days: In a single round, both you and your partner must land one final blow each with Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons.
Third Wheel0 (0.00 PGA)Crimson Days: Rapidly defeat both your opponents while your partner is down.
Broken Up0 (0.00 PGA)Crimson Days: As a pair, defeat both your opponents within 3 seconds while they are separated from each other.
Heartbreaker0 (0.00 PGA)Crimson Days: Win a match in sudden death.
Best in Class30 (0.01 PGA)Rumble: In a single life, defeat at least one Hunter, one Titan, and one Warlock.
Assassin23 (0.01 PGA)Rumble: In a single life, land three unassisted final blows without taking any damage in between.
Pickpocket0 (0.00 PGA)Rumble: In a single life, steal five final blows from your opponents.
Podium Finish61 (0.01 PGA)Rumble: Finish in the top three.
Round Robin18 (0.00 PGA)Rumble: In a single life, defeat each opposing player at least once.
The Sum of All Tears0 (0.00 PGA)Rumble: Win a match with a score greater than the sum of all opponents' scores.
Slayer9 (0.00 PGA)Rapidly defeat five opposing Guardians.
Reaper2 (0.00 PGA)Rapidly defeat 6 opposing Guardians.
Seventh Column0 (0.00 PGA)Rapidly defeat 7 opposing Guardians.
Local Maxima10 (0.00 PGA)Showdown: Defeat the most opponents in a single round.
Denial of Service1 (0.00 PGA)Showdown: As a team, collect three consecutive ammo crates in a single match.
Clawing Back0 (0.00 PGA)Showdown: Within a round, retake the lead after trailing by 5 points.
When the Dust Clears0 (0.00 PGA)Showdown: Win a Final Showdown in which your entire team survives.
We're Not Done Yet0 (0.00 PGA)Showdown: Force a Final Showdown round after trailing 0–2.
Invincible0 (0.00 PGA)Showdown: Win a match in which no one on your team is defeated.
Make It Rain16 (0.00 PGA)Make It Rain
Medals Earned48,498 (10.89 PGA)
I Made This for You0 (0.00 PGA)I Made This for You
Ghost in the Night42 (0.01 PGA)Ghost in the Night
Expert Parry0 (0.00 PGA)Expert Parry
Ace up the Sleeve1 (0.00 PGA)Ace up the Sleeve
Phantom254 (0.06 PGA)Phantom
Cannonball!0 (0.00 PGA)Cannonball!
Fortified Assault4 (0.00 PGA)Fortified Assault
Let's Go to the Maul0 (0.00 PGA)Let's Go to the Maul
You Have My Sword0 (0.00 PGA)You Have My Sword
Chaos Theory0 (0.00 PGA)Chaos Theory
Greetings from the Void0 (0.00 PGA)Greetings from the Void
We're Halfway There2 (0.00 PGA)We're Halfway There
Nice Try3 (0.00 PGA)Nice Try
Slow and Steady0 (0.00 PGA)Slow and Steady
Still Counts!1 (0.00 PGA)Still Counts!
Last Line19 (0.00 PGA)Last Line
Territorial Instinct0 (0.00 PGA)Territorial Instinct
Lord of the Hunt40 (0.01 PGA)Lord of the Hunt
Gone to Ground2 (0.00 PGA)Gone to Ground
Field General90 (0.02 PGA)Field General
Sitting Ducks108 (0.02 PGA)Sitting Ducks
Release the Hounds13 (0.00 PGA)Release the Hounds
Sly Fox116 (0.03 PGA)Sly Fox
Iron Protector1 (0.00 PGA)Iron Protector
Reversal of Fortune35 (0.01 PGA)Reversal of Fortune
Tactical Shift35 (0.01 PGA)Tactical Shift
Midnight Society16 (0.00 PGA)Midnight Society
One Fell Swoop2 (0.00 PGA)One Fell Swoop
Seven Deadly0 (0.00 PGA)Seven Deadly
Six Fronts1 (0.00 PGA)Six Fronts
Gimme Five2 (0.00 PGA)Gimme Five
Go Fourth13 (0.00 PGA)Go Fourth
Triple Strike45 (0.01 PGA)Triple Strike
Double Quick411 (0.09 PGA)Double Quick
Blood Will Have Blood599 (0.13 PGA)Blood Will Have Blood
Settled Score615 (0.14 PGA)Settled Score
Bite Back330 (0.07 PGA)Bite Back
Fifth Horseman0 (0.00 PGA)Fifth Horseman
Iron Legend7 (0.00 PGA)Iron Legend
Ghost Wolf1 (0.00 PGA)Ghost Wolf
Usurper0 (0.00 PGA)Usurper
Iron Lord77 (0.02 PGA)Iron Lord
Heart of the Pack162 (0.04 PGA)Heart of the Pack
Wolf at the Door343 (0.08 PGA)Wolf at the Door
Vindication487 (0.11 PGA)Vindication
Killjoy210 (0.05 PGA)Killjoy
Running with the Pack309 (0.07 PGA)Running with the Pack
Warlord6 (0.00 PGA)Warlord
Overwhelming Force90 (0.02 PGA)Overwhelming Force
Violent Delights67 (0.02 PGA)Violent Delights
About Face1 (0.00 PGA)About Face
From the Front40 (0.01 PGA)From the Front
Down to the Wire0 (0.00 PGA)Down to the Wire
The Armory5 (0.00 PGA)The Armory
First Blood29 (0.01 PGA)First Blood
Force of Nature25 (0.01 PGA)Force of Nature
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