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Crotas End Raid (Cheesers) I have been noticing that when I try to find a group every group I come across either, A.) Wants to
Petition to get a chat/LFG box on COD Tracker Cod is a very interesting community, I personally would enjoy chatting with others on the Call of Du
Re: Raid tips for first timer. Azzurri, I would recommend watching some YouTube videos to familiarize yourself with how the differe
Re: [Site News] New Stats Page Only thing im seeing that coulb be changed is where it shows the "faction progress" it says "weapon"
Destiny for 10 years? I agree that Destiny is a great game and all, but does it really have the potential to be played for
Re: If You Could Game with Anyone.... Wiz Khalifa.. Be the best day ever lol
Re: What is your catch phrase? My favorite i mostly use to calm down lol is whenever i start getting frustrated i always say "You s
Re: Destiny Hero-The new unofficial minigame Thankyou VERY much, I am currently trying this and it is a blast:)!

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