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Re: Submit your Destiny Clips here!
Re: [Site News] Destiny Player Spotlight - Baconators Live Thank you again DTR <3
Re: [Site News] New Stats Page Awesome I love how DTR just keeps getting better and better! Keep up the good work!
Re: [Site News] Signature Generator Online! Sweet feature :)
Re: Wolves Beyond the Light(Xbox1) do you have a website?
Looking for competitive xbox one clan! I'll be getting a xbox one in a couple of weeks and I dont know many players on the one, was hoping
Re: Why is my dtr score so low? [quote=xorth][quote=Baconators Live]My overall dtr score is high but where it says dtr score where c
Re: Why is my dtr score so low? Nope its my main character the one I started with. I have 2 other characters but ive only played pvp
Why is my dtr score so low? My overall dtr score is high but where it says dtr score where combat rating used to be, it is reall
Re: Highest K/D in a PvP game? [Post Yours Here] 32.0 was my best k/d you can find your best k/d the easiest by checking you longest killing spree. I
Re: The Ultimate Find Everything Guide (Dead Ghost locations, secrets, ect ) Thank You
Re: All known Destiny unlock codes. Thx bud
Re: Team Phantasm - A Gunslinger Group (PS4) Nice post
Re: Site Bugs Guide was wondering why it says bodies dropping is number 1 on the leaderboards but when you click on the
Re: All in-Game icons so far. r5 for me, that dragon looks sick as hell, and thats my kind of blue. Nice post man.
Re: [Site News] RIP Destiny Beta. Until we meet again. I miss it too, I'm new to this forum but i just want to say I really like this site and will be usin

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