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data filtering is there a way to sort your crucible games? such as only show me game with above a certain K/D or
Re: Advanced Search to see who I have played against? Is it possible to cherry pick all games of one particular user and give them a very detailed breakdo
Re: W/L Ratio [quote=Hey Im Swat]Hey [mention]GavelGaffle[/mention] I just looked at 10 random player stats and
W/L Ratio There may be something wrong as I am seeing top 1% on everybody's W/L ratio. Would there be any b
Kings Fall Completions In the overview tab for the Kings Fall End game completions the number shown is for normal not norma
Re: Kingsfall - # of completed raids not correct [quote=Trodan Malfor]I did 4 raids last week. It only counted 3. I also did another one last night a
Re: [Site News] 5 Things you didn't know about Destiny [quote=Hey Im Swat][quote=SgtsPepper11][/quote] It's news if you never knew this stuff which woul
Re: [Site News] 5 Things you didn't know about Destiny A good fun post but... its dated information as a few months ago they patched the shooting your foot
Re: game query aggregrator bug? [quote=Darkened Night] The Query Aggregator uses UTC as the end point for days. EST (-5 UTC) is fiv
game query aggregrator bug? is the aggregrator not tied to your own timezone? If I try to pull up the games I played on Tuesday
Re: [Site News] Destinytracker Population Statistics [quote=GavelGaffle]I would like to see the specific K/D needed for each of the 100 percentiles. Suc
Re: [Site News] Destinytracker Population Statistics I would like to see the specific K/D needed for each of the 100 percentiles. Such as 2.16 = 1% 1
Re: Weekly Checklist bug? that was quick. you guys are awesome.
Weekly Checklist bug? it looks as if the tracking of the Nightfall and Weekly Heroic might be mixed up. I have done the 3

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