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Re: How Should DTR TrueSkill Transition into Year Two? I agree with Xorth. If this is similar to what was done with Reach, a player can be satisfied with
"Uno Mas Cerveza" - Destiny Clan (One More Beer) Join and your friends will be JEALOUS! [url=][/url]
Re: Submit your Destiny Clips here! Heres my triple kills from the ToO. Both were as last guardian standing. http://destinytracker.
Re: Post Your Picture [img][/img] Reason #1 why I'm not on as often. Graduated last
Re: Are you guys Excited for Destiny? I'm not excited at all. Its not like a I made an account on a forum/site that is dedicated to Destin
Re: ASK Pretty sure you're over thinking this whole situation. Shes your sister and you know her more than a
Re: Post Your Picture [img]
Re: What are you favorite colors? Blue. It symbolizes honesty
Which platform are you getting Destiny on? I will be sticking to the 360 unless something miraculous happens. Since H4 sucks, I will be primari

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