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Re: Unable to link the XBL PSN Id to your account. Yeah im having that problem too [quote=bobop]I got this error "Unable to link the XBL PSN Id
Re: Highest K/D in a PvP game? [Post Yours Here] Mine was 22 on control at the Shores of Time...I love my icebreaker:) [quote=MegaSword]Hi guys.
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? My gt is my initials and I was going for JMW_16 (my fav #) but someone has it already :p
Re: [Site News] Light Level on Weapons? Thanks for the info! Greatly appreciated!!!
Re: Introduce Yourself [quote=ShavedLycan13]Welcome to DestinyTracker! Please feel free to introduce yourself so that we
Re: Looking for PS4 clan [quote=Phoenix Effect]I'm looking to join a mature PS4/US based clan. I'm open to both PvP and PvE,
Recruiting for Xbox 360 & Xbox 1 Clan Try Orisis Orders All we have over 1100 members and are very friendly. If you have any qs just pm me
Recruiting for PS4 Clan Hi im the founder of PS4 RAIDING RAIDERS and we have over 1700 members and are very friendly. If you
Re: Looking for a Clan (PS4) [quote=LostOutCast]Hey there Destiny Community, My brother and I are looking to join a clan. The
Need a Ps3 Raiding Clan? Hi I am the founder of PS3 Raiding Raiders and we have over 1000 members and are very active and fri
Re: Need help for bounty [quote=James2358]Trying to complete the thorn bounty need so help to kill xyor[/quote] What console
Re: Just minding my own business, when... [quote=Royyyal][youtube]Xxdg2jgjb6I[/youtube][/quote]
Re: Looking for Raid Clan Ps3 Try PS3 Raiding Raiders
Re: PS4 | Looking for a mature clan Try PS4 RAIDING RAIDERS
Re: Looking for a good ,active pvp clan Try PS4 RAIDING RAIDERS
Re: Looking for pvp clan What Platform?
Re: Looking for a clan for Xbone, Xbox One Try Orsis Orders All
Re: Looking for a really good cruci clan Try Orisis Orders All
Re: Looking for Xbone pvp clan Try Orisis Orders All
Re: Looking to join PVP clan Xbox one Try Orisis Orders All I made the clan but gave it to XGnWeedforFun since he was Xbox1 and its an Xbo
Re: 87 KD , Prevailed 7th column I wish it messed up more often then :p
Re: Exotic Bounty Guide No you get the journal when you accept the exotic bounty

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