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[insert mexican joke here]

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Hi Im Swat Vek 9 0 Vek 2 0 Vek Auto Bane Platinum Disrespctfully B TheBigL HC Velociraptor Mathiadon Avy llferoll Sorge ShavedLycan13 ch33ze311 SAINTS ENDER
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Re: Bungie's Destiny site Twitter is dumb.... just like FB
Re: Xbox 360 Issue *Help* What was it?
Re: Xbox 360 Issue *Help* I'm pretty sure you've already tried rebooting it over and over again and detaching and attaching th
Re: All-Time Favorite Game [img]
Re: Funny Chat lines [quote=Hey Im Swat][img][/img][/quote] Yay I'm famous [img]http://puu.s
Re: What are you favorite colors? Black and Red most of the time, if I'm in a good mood maybe Gray too.
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? I've used my fair share of GT's and usernames during my online life which really don't have any soli
Re: Post your tattoos and piercings [quote=Sorge]Don't have any tattoos yet, but I'll probably get some sometime in college.[/quote]
Re: What class are you looking forward to play? Can I chose to be a Fallen??
Re: What kinda cell phone do you rock? [img][/img] pffffffttt i made my own smartphone, screw samsung and apple
Re: What are you expecting from destiny/ wanting I want to be mod here O.O
Re: Introduce Yourself What am I supposed to say again?? I started playing since H3 came out but never really involved t
Re: Funny Chat lines Lmao

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