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Rep Farm Routes Just wanted to get a quick idea of how people are going about farming reputation with their chosen f
Re: Your Destiny Pet Peeves 1. Shotguns 2. Shotguns 3. People who use shotguns 4. How many legendary engrams I get without ge
[Sept 11-12][Crucible Grinding][PS3][All Welcome] I'll be grinding Control / Clash all night (From Sept 11 at 9pm till Sept 12 9am) anyone is welcome
Re: [Sept 9] [DeadSectors] [PS4] [Need 4] - Example post What about people who are LFG Crucible?
Re: What's the Story Behind Your Gamertag/Username? I had to think of a witty name because I'm funny, and I was really high and hungry, nuff said.

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