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Re: Make Friends (XboxONE) i Flawed i
Re: Destiny 'Competitive multiplier' to be shown at Gamescon Awesome for the community! Looking forward to seeing the footage.
Re: [Request] Clan Finder I wonder if there's any way to track progression through PvE raids (Vault of Glass) for clans, or ev
Re: [Request] Clan Finder This is one of the best tools to recruit for WoW guilds (clans). You
Re: What class are you looking forward to play? Hunter, without a doubt. Absolutely loved the beta, and those cloaks are far too sick to pass up.
Xbox One | [Crimson Death] is recruiting! [Crimson Death] is recruiting a some more hardcore guardians to focus on the end-game PvE strike/rai
[Request] Clan Finder Hello, This is a great site to see Destiny leaderboards, wonderful job! Clan finder would be a gr

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