One of the exciting additions to Destiny 2 content is the reinvigorated Public Events. Public Events are timed events that spawn randomly in the open worlds of Destiny 2. Any players in the area can join in the Public Events, Rally at the Flag to take advantage of a quick timed encounter for XP (experience points) and some loot. The Newest addition to these events is the option to turn Public Events into Heroic Events. These harder versions of Public Events have an opportunity for better loot, and is a shorter counterpart to strikes, adventures, and Nightfalls. Activating Heroic Events vary from one to the next, each with a specific set of steps needed to activate the Heroic version of the event. These steps need to be repeated every time you want to attempt a Heroic version within the time limit given for the events.

Public Event Rally Flag

Fallen Ether Resupply Event

A large Servitor will spawn, focus fire on it until a number of smaller Servitors spawn. You and or your team will need to take out these smaller Servitors, as they come in waves. No time to waste taking them out, as if to much time passes they will disappear from the encounter. Taking out all the smaller Servitors will trigger the Event to turn Heroic before destroying the Large Servitor. Large Servitor with smaller servitors

Fallen Glimmer Event

In this Event a Fallen Glimmer mining Rig crew will drop. Stay out of the blue light in the middle as it will deal damage to you. Destroy all three of the Glimmer nodes will trigger the Event to become Heroic. As you destroy each Glimmer node the mining operation will move to another location. The node has to be destroyed before it moves or it will fail to become Heroic.

Glimmer Node

Fallen Spider Tank Event

Changing this Event to Heroic is easiest with teamwork. To change this Event you must shoot out the legs of the Spider tank. When the Spider tank is temperately disabled, it will drop arc charges you must use to disable all three force fields by using six arc charges total. The force fields take two charges per to disable, doing this will trigger the Event to become Heroic and a second Spider tank will drop.

Fallen Spider Tank Public Event

Cabal Extraction Event

In this Event, Cabal forces will be dropped in to protect the Extractor machine. Be aware of Cabal air strikes marked by multiple red lines, and circles around the Extractor. Shoot down the Cabal Thresher ship flying overhead, this will trigger the Event to become Heroic and a Event boss will drop into the Event.

Thresher ship

Cabal Injection Rig

When the Event starts, kill each of the yellow bar Psions. After each Psion, vents will expose themselves on the outside of the Rig. Shoot and destroy the sets of vents and the Event will become Heroic. In between Psions a Force field will go up around the Rig dealing damage to you for a short time. Know what to look for going into the Event. (picture below) enter image description here

Doing so will make the Event go smoother. Take out the remaining Cabal forces and named Event boss, and get the Loot.

enter image description here

Vex Construction Event

Activate all three Vex plates by standing in them until the counter reaches 100%. These plates resemble the plates opening the door to the Vault of Glass raid. The center construct beams light in the direction of the plates making them easier to locate. Activate all three plates and the Event becomes Heroic, Elite Vex will spawn into the Event, hold them off to complete the Event.

Activating Vex plates

Taken Blight Event

As the Event spawns, there is one Large main blight which spawns smaller dome blights to its sides. If you move in and out of the smaller blights, you will receive a Blight Receding buff. This will allow you to do damage to the main large blight, without the buff it would otherwise be Immune. Deal enough damage to the main blight will trigger the Event to become Heroic, spawning the Event boss Blightmaker that must be killed before the Event timer runs out.

Large main Blight with buff activate

Witches Ritual Event

In this Event (only on Titan)the two shielded crystals must be destroyed by standing on the Hex Circles (green circles). Destroying both crystals will turn the Event Heroic, spawning a challenging Hive enemy. Defeat it to complete the Heroic Event.

enter image description here

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