Having a player in your instance, whether it just be on the surface of the planet, or in a Strike or Crucible load-in, is nothing new in Destiny 2. You notice them for a little while, maybe get two or three kills on them in Crucible if they're on the other team, and then they're punted back to Orbit and quickly replaced by an active Guardian more than willing to play the game.

Now, AFK-farmers are on the rise again, and they're looking for one thing: planetary materials.

With the newly released Tribute Hall, as well as the exotic pulse rifle Bad Juju returning to the game, everyone is running low on planetary materials. It was fine when they were just used to infuse your weapons to new levels, but now they're getting burned through at the speed of light as people try to satisfy the endless hunger of Calus in the new Hall.

Now players have started putting the controller down to gather up their new planetary materials, thanks in part to the system used by the Black Armory Forges found around the Solar System.

If you succeed in crafting a new weapon in the Forge, cool, job done. With the missions attached to making those weapons, however, you get a bonus for failing the missions as well - those sweet, sweet planetary resources that everyone is running low on.

This load-in, load-out method only takes around 60 seconds to complete, meaning that people are failing the Black Armory attempts every minute or so and grabbing either Dusklight Shards or Microphasic Datalattice for their 'failure'. Once that's finished, the game drops you straight into another attempt so that you can 'keep trying for that Black Armory gun'.

Unfortunately, there are people that actually do want to complete the Forges, and they're getting smashed by AFK-farmers appearing in their instances. Guardians are harmful in nature, however, so the wiser ones have been donning 300-400 Power level gear to make sure they're a lower level. The Forges match based on Power level, so real Guardians around 600-750 that are looking to complete weapons aren't even coping these AFK-farmers anymore. Isn't that nice?

You better get cracking. Shadowkeep is on the horizon, so flop on that 300-400 Power gear you've had gathering dust in your back catalogues for years, and jump into the endless cycle of the Black Armory Forges. Good luck Guardian.