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Destiny 2: Master Root Of Nightmares Challenge Guide - Illuminated Torment

Your Guide For The First Challenge Of Master Mode RoN

Challenge mode is officially in full swing for Master Root Of Nightmares and first up is the Illuminated Torment Challenge. This challenge is the first of the rotational set for Master Root Of Nightmares and takes place in the Cataclysm encounter. Before you get started, it is highly recommended you do a regular run of Root Of Nightmares so you have a basic understanding of how the encounters work, here is a full guide on how to complete the Normal Root Of Nightmares.

To complete the challenge, Guardians will need to defeat all Tormentors while having a "Field of Light" buff. To put it simply, the person making the final blow on the Tormentor will need to have the buff for the challenge to continue. This means any player can still damage and weaken the Tormentor, as long as the very last shot is still made by someone with the buff. While simple on the surface, here are some additional tips to help your team get through the challenge:

Team Composition

Have one really experienced runner be the one going to deposit each buff while the five remaining players split up into a variation of enemy clearing and Tormentor watch.

Runner Role

If you are the runner you need to be efficient enough to connect all the nodes in the first intial 30 seconds. This will allow your team to hold off on killing the Tormentor till the next phase of the encounter starts. By doing this, you will now have a full minute for the next several phases to connect all of the nodes.


Do not kill the Tormentors immediately. Your runner should be able to chain the buff in the amount of time given. Get the Tormentor's health down extremly low and then when your Runner has finished connecting all of the nodes, have your full team stack inside the next phase's initial node so everyone gets the buff. Kill the Tormentor and now your Runner will have a full minute to connect all the nodes.

Aside from this challenge, Master Mode will bring in several Barrier Champions so make sure you focus on them and keep them out of your Runner's way. These foes have a very deadly stomp attack that can ruin a near perfect run.

Let me know what you think in the comments below or on Twitter @Suttledge


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