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Destiny 2: Master Root Of Nightmares Challenge Guide - Crossfire

The Second Challenge Guide For Master RoN

The Second Challenge for Master Root Of Nightmares is officially out. This challenge, Crossfire, is the second challenge of the rotational set for Master Root Of Nightmares and takes place in the Scission encounter. Before you get started, it is highly recommended you do a regular run of Root Of Nightmares so you have a basic understanding of how the encounters work, here is a full guide on how to complete the Normal Root Of Nightmares.

This challenge is much easier than last weeks challenge as it only requires players to not shoot the launchers on their side of the arena. How this looks in action is if you are on the left side of the arena, someone on the right side of the arena must shoot your launcher for you and vice versa. Utilizing any mechanics such as Well Skating or Shatter Skating will fail the challenge. There is nothing else to the challenge other than having someone shoot your launcher for you.

There are two popular strategies being utilized to make the challenge even easier:

  1. Have a dedicated shooter on each side of the arena that listens for when the crystals need to be shot. This allows the runners to only have to focus on connecting nodes.
  2. If you have a good pair of runners that move in tandem, you can have the runners shoot each other's crystals as they launch back and forth. This strategy will require more coordination than the first.  

Master Mode does add in a handful of Barrier Champions and Unstoppable Champions so make sure your team is ready to handle those.

Completing the challenge this week will award you with a Acasia's Dejection (Adept) Trace Rifle.

Let me know what you think  of the Crossfire challenge in the comments below or on Twitter @Suttledge.


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