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How to farm Destiny 2 Spoils of Conquest fast: Get the best Vault of Glass god rolls

After a god rolled Fatebringer? Here’s a quick way to get plenty of Spoils of Conquest.

Spoils of Conquest are a new currency in Destiny 2 that were introduced in the Beyond Light expansion late last year, specifically in the Deep Stone Crypt Raid. These Spoils can be acquired through Raid encounter completions and opening loot chests throughout the Raid.

These Spoils can then be spent in two different ways. The first is at the end of both the Deep Stone Crypt and recently released Vault of Glass Raids, there is a node that the player can interact with to purchase additional Raid weapons and Armor with these Spoils of Conquest. Weapons or Armor that have already been discovered within the Raid can be directly purchased for 20 Spoils. You may also try your luck at grabbing a weapon that hasn't dropped in the Raid yet for you by purchasing one of the random encounter loot drops for 60 Spoils.

The second way is from the Monument to Lost Light Exotic Kiosk. Here, players are able to purchase any Exotic from past Raids such as Anarchy, Tarrabah, or One Thousand Voices for 240 Spoils, as well as one Exotic Cipher, 150k Glimmer, and two Ascendant Shards.

If you are thinking of farming for the absolutely perfect perk roll for a certain VoG weapon such as Fatebringer, or Vision of Confluence, you are going to need a significant amount of Spoils. Luckily, a recent farming method has been discovered by the community that with a well equipped team, can result in over 100 Spoils of Conquest every hour.

Here’s how it's done:

  1. Play through VoG with your Fireteam until the Templar boss on an alternate character that you aren't actually going to use to farm Templar with. This will now be your ‘Checkpoint Character’. Make sure you are the Fireteam leader as the leader is the one that retains the checkpoint.
  2. Once the Templar encounter has been reached, swap characters to the one you wish to farm the Templar on and rejoin your Fireteam. Make sure to kill the first set of three Oracles, have the Relic holder take down Templar’s shield, then take him down in a single damage phase. Be sure to use the teleport-blocking trick covered in our guide here.
  3. After the Templar has been killed and Spoils collected, swap back to your Checkpoint Character and load into the Raid again at the Templar checkpoint.
  4. Invite your Fireteam (they don't need to switch characters), swap back to your farming character, rejoin Fireteam, kill the Templar again, rinse and repeat.
  5. Once you have enough Spoils and wish to cash in, complete the Raid and spend your Spoils at the node.

With optimal load times and damage efficiency the above strategy should result in over 100 Spoils of Conquest per hour.

As for the best Supers and weapons to use to kill the Templar the fastest? Anarchy paired with the new Breach and Clear Artifact mod, plus double Slug Shotguns (a popular combination being Heritage and First In, Last Out) has some of the highest DPS in the game. This combined with a Titan bubble that has Weapons of Light and a Warlock Well of Radiance means you will be absolutely pumping out the damage while being unkillable. Those characters not on bubble and well duty should be using big damage Supers such as Thundercrash with Cuirass of the Falling Star, Novabomb, or Golden Gun with Star-Eater Scales.

Some other weapons that can still pack a punch are Deathbringer, or any Rocket Launcher, with the Argent Ordnance mod or double Snipers can still do the job.


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