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Destiny 2– What is the Fourth Horseman boss glitch?

This glitch will turn you into a cannon

Destiny 2 is all about the different raids and boss fights you and your team crush together. Sometimes, though, a glitch in the game can absolutely ruin the balance between boss and player. Enter the Fourth Horseman. Recently, a glitch in switching between weapons has turned this shotgun into a cannon.

Why the Fourth Horseman might be disabled in Destiny 2

While the exact date can't be pinpointed, over the past few days Destiny 2 YouTubers have been buzzing about the Fourth Horseman's notable boss glitch. When you switch from a pinpoint slug shotgun to the Fourth Horseman, your damage output astronomically changes. Your first shot fired after the switch will decimate a boss' health. The damage numbers from your shots will appear normal, but you'll notice the boss' health bar will show large chunks disappearing.  With the right extra buffs from armor or augments, you'll critically hit the boss to death in under a minute. With this Fourth Horseman glitch, you'll essentially triple the amount of damage you should be doing.

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However, the bug is inconsistent. Some people can make it happen every time, others struggle to make it happen even once. Either way, this Fourth Horseman glitch fundamentally wrecks the way that boss fights are supposed to work. Therefore, its very likely Bungie will disable the Fourth Horseman soon to work on fixing the glitch.

The Fourth Horseman and its stats

When the Fourth Horseman isn't bugged, it's a lesser used energy shotgun. For context, the Fourth Horseman has a .005% usage percentage, while the most popular weapons (like The Immortal) have up to 5.7%.

As a weapon, the Fourth Horseman has decent stability and reload speed, but it's true specialty is doing high-impact damage. Paired with being a fully automatic shotgun, it can be a lot of fun. It just simply isn't the best weapon option in all of Destiny 2.

If you want to find the Fourth Horseman in-game, though, head to the Monument to Lost Lights in the Tower. That's where you can get your hands on your own copy of this shotgun. Until Bungie disables the gun to remove the glitch, you might be able to use the Fourth Horseman to blow through bosses.

If you want to learn more about finding your favorite Destiny 2 weapons, check out Tracker Network's Destiny 2 Weapons Insights.


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