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Where to find a Destiny 2 stat tracker?

Learn the stats, save your rank.

One of the best ways to become a better Destiny 2 player is by knowing more about your stats. For your Destiny game, a stat tracker could mean the difference between being hard-stuck Silver III and making that jump up to Gold I, or even higher. If you want to be more effective player, check out a Destiny 2 stat tracker and identity your strengths and weaknesses. But where do you find a stat tracker?

How is a Destiny 2 stat tracker helpful?

When you use a Destiny 2 stat tracker, you can learn more about your skills. This kind of information can help you improve your weakest traits or exploit your best ones. For example, a Destiny 2 stat tracker can tell you your kills compared to your KDA. If the latter is high but the former is low, that possibly means that you play safe and get a good kill-death-ratio, but in turn you contribute less to your team's offensive front. Focus on making more offensive pushes and your KDA might drop a bit, but your kills could greatly increase, as well as your winrate.

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If you want a well-fleshed out display of stats like these, you should check out Tracker Network's Destiny 2 stat tracker. All you have to do is go to Tracker Network's Destiny 2 home page and put in your username, and you'll be able to see a whole host of stats about your gameplay.

What is the Tracker Network's Destiny 2 tracker?

Screenshot by Checkpoint

As you explore Tracker Network's Destiny 2 stat tracker, you'll see they offer a wide rang of information. Firstly, your information is categorized between Season, Lifetime, Trials of Osiris, Survival, Gambit, and PvE. The site separates your data so you can look at your stats for each game type, whether you're fighting big bosses or other players.

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Within each tab, you get a layout of the game-mode-applicable stats. You can see your seasonal rank and trajectory as well as your KDA and winrate. Depending on the stats, Tracker Network's Destiny 2 stat tracker may also offer  bonus information. For example, below your KDA will be a subtitle that clarifies if your KDA is in the top 20% or the bottom 30%.

Tracker Network's Destiny 2 stat tracker will also record every single game you play and give you your ELO score, Kills, KDA, Assists, and more to help you understand how well you did in any particular game.

Meanwhile, if you want to focus on weapons instead, the Tracker Network Destiny 2 stat tracker can tell you your most-used weapons, your kill count, your accuracy, and your headshots with each gun. This should help you sort out which weapon is actually your best, and which ones don't help you nearly as much as you think.

Tracker Network's other Denstiny 2 tools

You can explore more than your own Destiny 2 stats on a site like Tracker Network, though. You can also see the most popular weapons throughout the game, explore top players' stats, and absorb a wide range of information that can help inspire you to become a better Destiny 2 player.


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