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An in-game render of the Heart of Inmost Light.
A thumbnail image depicting the Heart of Inmost Light.

Heart of Inmost Light

Exotic Chest Armor
Review Rating
On the cusp between life and light, between death and destruction. Read Lore

He was a man. He'd been another man. Another man before that. And another man before that. And another. Another. And yet another. How many lives now? How many deaths? He came to believe that each time his Ghost brought him back, he came back a new man. But he was a new man who carried with him the burden of all the lives before him. One after another after another, and each and every one of them weighed upon his shoulders in a way only Atlas could comprehend. But he was a Titan. Muscle and might and metal—a mountain of it, they said. There was no burden he could not bear. That's what they said. He nodded and waved away the adulations. He went to his quarters each night, in the half tower he had commissioned, and he laid in bed, his feet incapable of stillness as a thousand million insects scurried their way up and down the sinews of his muscles, instigating perpetual and maddening motions that all his muscle and might couldn't stop. An insurmountable restlessness that prevented what little respite he could find in his nightmare-fueled sleep. Yet he was a champion. A leader. The bright shining example of all that was good and enduring. There was a City to build. A species to protect. Extinction to prevent. Invaders to repel. Wars to fight. Lives to live. Deaths to die. What was it he said once to one of the newly risen? The Light shines brightest in those it consumes? Oh, how he felt consumed. He stood up from his bed. Crossed to the window that framed the entity that had cursed him. Though it chose not to speak to him, he knew what it wanted. And the only way to end its curse was to give it what it wanted—to destroy that which would see it destroyed. Maybe then he could sleep.

Item Statistics

Selecting weapon perks and mods can alter the stats shown below.



Source: Exotic engrams; extremely rare world drops.

Version Log

Season 0
  • Modified - 11/11/2019
Season 8 Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
  • Modified - 10/28/2019
  • Added - 9/30/2019


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1 week ago on Steam
Solid exotic, suitable for any class, and by the way, you gain gernade/class enhancement for normal melee strikes as well, that means nearly infinite nades in low difficulty activities.
2 weeks ago on Steam
2 weeks ago on Steam
2 weeks ago on PlayStation
2 weeks ago on Steam
2 weeks ago on Steam
3 weeks ago on Steam
Really good general exotic for any activity. Most others are situational/subclass dependant, this is just always good. Happy I got it as one of my first 2.0 exotic drops.
4 weeks ago on Steam
Pair this will a couple paragon mods and you have a recipe for always having abilities up. Note that if you have the perk proc'd wait until it drops off to use your barrier or it will be wasted. You can stack melee on top of barrier or nades.
1 month ago on Xbox
1 month ago on Steam
1 month ago on Xbox
This is your go-to exotic for all pve content. Very helpful and fun as well. Works fine for Pvp as well. Mostly for neutral game.
1 month ago on Steam
super fun build with sun warrior solar titan.
1 month ago on Xbox
The most under respected exotics in the game. This thing is fantastic.
1 month ago on Xbox
1 month ago on Steam
1 month ago on Xbox
1 month ago on Xbox
1 month ago on PlayStation
Top-tier general-purpose exotic. Pairs especially well with Code of the Siegebreaker and Code of the Commando trees. Abilities recharge noticeably quicker and are more deadly. Fusion grenades are a one-shot in PVP if you are Empowered.
1 month ago on Steam
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