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An in-game render of the Actium War Rig.
A thumbnail image depicting the Actium War Rig.

Actium War Rig

Exotic Chest Armor
Review Rating
Conflict Resolution Solution #3479: Leave them to rest wherever they may fall. Read Lore

"Keep it clean. Your body. Your mind. Your armor. Weapons. Gear. Ammo. CRS #1: Keep it clean. Clean equals function. Clean equals focus. That's where it all starts. Skill matters. Training, practice, experience. All key ingredients. All valued assets as you balance death and glory on the battlefield. But once you're trained and ready for war. And once your gear is up to the standards of a proper, respected, walking, talking war machine. What comes next?" "1177!" "That's right. CRS #1177: Ammunition is your best friend. So what do you do?" "Load up." "Load. Up. Get yourself a weapon that spits unending fire and stock up on ammo until your shoulders slump and your back aches. Because each round is a war all its own." —Lord Shaxx educating a gathering of Titans

Item Statistics

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Version Log

Season 17 Season of the Haunted
  • Modified - 5/23/2022
Season 16 Season of the Risen
  • Modified - 2/18/2022
Season 15 Season of the Lost
  • Modified - 10/11/2021
  • Modified - 9/13/2021
  • Modified - 8/23/2021
Season 14 Season of the Splicer
  • Modified - 5/24/2021
  • Modified - 5/10/2021
Season 13 Season of the Chosen
  • Modified - 4/19/2021
  • Modified - 2/8/2021
Season 12 Season of the Hunt
  • Modified - 11/9/2020
Season 11 Season of Arrivals
  • Modified - 6/8/2020
Season 10 Season of the Worthy
  • Modified - 3/9/2020
Season 9 Season of Dawn
  • Modified - 1/27/2020
  • Modified - 12/9/2019
Season 8 Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
  • Modified - 11/11/2019
  • Modified - 10/28/2019
  • Added - 9/30/2019


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2 years ago on Steam
2 years ago on Steam
2 years ago on Xbox
sweet business never ending fire
2 years ago on Steam
Would be a thumbs down if it weren't for the awesome Sweet Business synergy, even if SB isn't super meta. And most ARs aren't meta either. Looks awesome though.
2 years ago on Steam
The exotic perk is nice when you're rolling with auto rifles in general, but it becomes god-tier with Sweet Business. I've had friends complain that I wouldn't stop firing for minutes at a time.
2 years ago on Steam
basically gives autos extended mags basically that fill up when not shooting oh and also SWEET BUSINESS WONT STOP SHOOTING
2 years ago on Xbox
Constantly reloads your autorifle magazine a few rounds at a a time. That by itself is a bit meh, but the synergy with Sweet Business is obscene.
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