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Legendary Hand Cannon Void
Review Rating
If only you could see yourself. But you have no eyes. Not the dimmest sense survives…

PvP Insights

Usage 0.566% #41
Kills 0.578% #37
Headshots 0.727% #28

Item Statistics

Selecting weapon perks and mods can alter the stats shown below.

Reload Speed
Rounds/Min 180
Magazine 9
Aim Assistance
Inventory Size
Recoil Direction

Version Log

Season 8 Destiny 2: Shadowkeep
  • Added - 9/30/2019


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15 hours ago on Steam
20 hours ago on Steam
23 hours ago on Xbox
stable fast rate of fire
1 day ago on Steam
1 day ago on Steam
1 day ago on PlayStation
a good weapon for PvP
1 day ago on Steam
Barely any recoil, fast firing melter of a gun
1 day ago on Steam
2 days ago on PlayStation
very good with my roll good gun
2 days ago on Steam
Got it with outlaw and cill clip, what else i would like to have?
2 days ago on Xbox
Excellent for pve and pvp
2 days ago on PlayStation
2 days ago on PlayStation
Shoots way straighter than i thought it would.
2 days ago on Steam
It's... fine. Always feels like it should be hitting just a little harder, but it gets the job done
3 days ago on Xbox
3 days ago on Steam
3 days ago on Xbox
3 days ago on PlayStation
Kill clip makes this thing Not Forgotten/Luna's Howl 2.0. Plus it can roll with Rapid Hit. My new GO to HC for PvP
3 days ago on Xbox
4 days ago on Xbox
4 days ago on PlayStation
Solid weapon for both crucible and PvE with the right rolls. The frame helps keep recoil manageable and the void damage is especially good against Vex Minotaurs.
4 days ago on PlayStation
4 days ago on Steam
5 days ago on Xbox
Awesome 180 in the elemental slot for anyone who wanted an elemental version of the Service Revolver. Just feels better than Trust IMO.
5 days ago on Steam

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