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An in-game render of the Any Other Sky.
A thumbnail image depicting the Any Other Sky.

Any Other Sky

Exotic Vehicle
"Future me will thank me." —Elsie Bray Read Lore

I'm back at the start. It's always confusing, even on my third (fourth?) time around. There's Cayde-6. Zavala. Ikora. The parade. I can't waste time here. Too many lost moments. I need to… find… whom? Damn it. Think. Ana? No. Who?! Or is it… what? I'm so disoriented. I remember pieces of past attempts, but not every detail. There has to be something I can do to make the refresh easier. Maybe new gear or tech. If my family's legacy has anything to offer, it's technological advancements. When I wake up, I need something familiar to ground me. Something I can carry back with me. It could be small. I need to think ahead. Plan more. Even though I seem to have an endless supply of it, time is still a precious commodity. The more time squandered, the more likely I am to repeat the mistakes of past attempts. I do remember trying to warn the Vanguard. They regarded me as another doomsayer and had me promptly removed from the Tower. I'm sure I sounded like a raving lunatic. By the time I was proved right, it was too late. Eris was corrupted, like always. Drifter lost to his hopeless pursuit. No one believes me. No one trusts me. I need to stick to the shadows. Something is happening around this time that's preventing me from making a discernible impact. Somewhere, there is the key to stopping this. I will find it. I've been given an opportunity to right the wrongs of this world. Instead of hurtling headfirst without a plan, I'll stock up. This time, I'm going to focus on making the next cycle better. Let's call this one a wash. I'll save you next time, Ana. Cheers.

Item Statistics

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Version Log

Season 0
  • Modified - 5/24/2021
Season 14 Season of the Splicer
  • Modified - 5/10/2021
Season 13 Season of the Chosen
  • Modified - 4/19/2021
  • Modified - 2/8/2021
Season 12 Season of the Hunt
  • Added - 11/9/2020


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