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An in-game render of the Wyrmguard Robe.
A thumbnail image depicting the Wyrmguard Robe.

Wyrmguard Robe

LegendaryChest Armor

Arcite 99-40 holds the cable taut while Lord Shaxx fastens the final anchor with a few swings of a fiery hammer. When Shaxx gives the nod, Arcite tests the give, then releases the cable. They look up at the massive, tusked skull that now looms majestically over the Crucible staging area. The occasion has attracted a small crowd of observers: a mixed group of citizens and Guardians who murmur among themselves or simply stare, be it in awe or disapproval. Shaxx ignores them, crossing his arms and gazing up at his trophy. "The Speaker would not approve of this," Arcite observes. Shaxx ignores this too. "This is a lesson, Arcite. I want these newbies to look at this and know that there's always something worse out there. Something meaner, and more powerful." "Something like the Red Legion," Arcite supplies. A foe to catch them all unawares. "Temptation," Shaxx corrects. "Self-destruction." Arcite looks up again at the skull and scans it for energy signals. "And it can be killed." Shaxx nods, satisfied. "Something always remains. But it can be killed." Arcite picks up a faint whisper, an audio signal too faint and garbled to process into intelligible language. When he scans for it again, it's gone.

Item Statistics

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Version Log

Season 0
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